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When Joshua left a message about a band covering one of my favourite Britney songs Everytime, I had to look into it. Somehow The Frames have totally flown under my radar... and I am usually so good at picking up on this type of thing :( Apparently they are one of Ireland's biggest bands rivalling perhaps U2 and the equally critically acclaimed ShelfLife (titter)... and according to the New York Times

"The Frames sing about love and death and revelation. They pick folky ballads full of quiet longing; they seethe and mourn; they build crescendos and taper down to fiddle tunes and build again, making hearts surge every time"

Sounds good to me. Their folksy take on Britney's Everytime (which although i love, she does have paper thin vocals that could slide under a door on it) brings a new level of maturity and depth that was missing before. Gorgeous.

MP3: The Frames: Everytime

Thanks Joshua!


  1. Joshua said...
    You beat me to it! I was going to upload the song for you when I got home from work :P

    What I love about it is how original the song sounds in this version, like it totally becomes a guy song almost (except for that kind of weird falsetto in the bridge, which really was not necessary). I also love the use of the violing (the plucking in the intro and the incorporation of Canon D (!??! or whatever the classical piece is called) in the end)

    I've put this version of ET on SO MANY mix CDs I've made for friends. Looooove.
    Paul said...
    you described it so much more eloquently than me :) Its going on so many mix cds for my friends now :)
    Tom said...
    Noticed this song just now even though I do listen to the frames quite often. Being from the states, we don't always get the best info on some of these types of tracks. Did The Frames release this song? Any info would be appreciated.
    Celebutaunt said...
    Any chance you could put the song back up? The link is dead and Id really love to hear this version.
    Thanks. :)

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