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The One With A Plan...

Sometimes i just feel like listening to something different and i had read a lot about a new artist called Plan B so thought i would check out his album (next up Jessica Dirrrty Pops recommendation of James Morrison...)

There's more fear and lathing on Plan B's ("rapper" Ben Drew) first album than in a years worth of Daily Mail headlines. While conventional hip hop beats are largely rejected in favour of lovely Latin-tinged acoustic guitars, elgaic pianos, brooding strings and a neat line in nicked pop hooks, this motormouth spits post Eminem holy fury at drug addicts and pushers, kids with guns, religion, abusive parents and a Britain that demonises the young while staring blitehly at "paedophiles on TOTP" Its the righteous angry white male flipside that will balance out my new love for Lily Allen's sassy cheek... (and language that will make my hair curl. Potty mouth)

MP3: Plan B - Kidz (Acoustic) (right click)


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