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Saturday Singles...

Well apart from poor Daz being stricken down with a horrible infection that made him looked like death warmed up, it's been a good week. My piano practice is going well, i had a diary column published in Community Care journal, saw The Pipettes, started my post-grad diploma and may very well have a monthly fashion column in a Coventry based student paper... I feel quite pleased that I am starting to go back to things that are more creative and inspiring to me. This blog has been a huge part of that so thanks to everyone who takes time to read it, appreciate it and leave comments.... today i thought i would focus on some upcoming singles...

The Zapping Poptastic 21:

21 ~ Rooster, Good To Be Here (new entry)
20 ~ The Feeling, Never Be Lonely
19 ~ Mohair, Stranded
18 ~ The Upper Room, Portrait
17 ~ McFly, Don't Stop Me Now
16 ~ Robbie Williams, Rudebox
15 ~ Dangerous Muse, The Rejection
14 ~ Justin Timberlake, Sexyback
13 ~ Lily Allen, Smile
12 ~ Jessica Simpson, A Public Affair
11 ~ The Pipettes, Judy (new entry)
10 ~ Laura Michelle Kelly, Communication
09 ~ Dangerous Muse, Give Me Danger
08 ~ nerina Pallot, All Good People
07 ~ Nelly Furtado, Promiscuous Girl
06 ~ The Killers, When You Were Young
05 ~ Scissor Sisters, I Don't Feel Like Dancing
04 ~ Jamelia, Something About You
03 ~ Elton John, The Bridge
02 ~ Bodies Without Organs, Chariots of Fire
01 ~ Paolo Nutini, These Streets (3 Weeks)

Forthcoming singles that I may be looking forward to:

There are several things that have "leaked" onto the internet that hold a certain interest for me. Like Meatloaf and Marion Raven reclaiming that Celine Dion track 'It's All Coming Back To Me Now' and restoring it lovingly to the appropriately bombastic, operatic masterpiece it should be. First listen to Good Charlotte's song Keep Your Hands Off My Girl (who has been touching up La Duff?!) is a racing, menacing thrash of a song nicely juxtapositioned with a catchy chorus and blur-like woo-hoos. Sounds like they are still upset that their last album Chronicles of Life and Death wasn't the American Idiot they hoped it would. I still liked it lads...

MP3: Meatloaf and Marion - Its All Coming Back (radio edit)
MP3: Good Charlotte - Get Your Hands Off My Girl

The new Robyn track is fairly deceptive at first - it didn't really stand out to me. But (never start a sentence with But!), much like Kylie's Can't Get You Out Of My Head, the genius of the song comes with repeated listens. A simple insistent groove compliments Robyn's sweet vocal style nicely and you find yourself immersed in 3 minutes of pure pleasure. And if you are looking for some old school soul, Sam Moore (singer of Soul Man) has a new duets album and the lead off single features one of my former favourite divas Mariah. Its exactly what you would expect it to be - bombastic, slick, gospelly and an utter lovely guilty pleasure :) Takes me back to pre 1997 Mariah. Those were the days...

MP3: Robyn - Girliestyle
MP3: Sam Moore & Mariah - It's Only Make Believe

The Mash-ups:

Some of them work. Some don't. Here are two that i think veer towards the "work" category but stray dangerously close to the "don't work" side of the tracks at times. Make up your own minds...

MP3: Nelly Furtado vs Killers - Somebody Told The Maneater
MP3: Sway vs Lily Allen - LDN

Singles I want to hear but haven't yet:

I have been a pre celeb Big Brother fan of The Ordinary Boys and thought there were lots of unappreciated songs on their last album (particularly Life Will Be The Death Of Me). So ever since the Lady Sov collab 9to5, I've anxiously been anticipating their new single Lonely At The Top, rumoured to be - shocker - another jaunty slice of ska-pop with a hint of punk to it. Similarly, after producing one of my fave albums of 2005, The Magic Numbers are back soon with what the music press have described as a gorgeous slice of harmony drenched sun soaked heaven called Take A Chance. Sounds delish.

EDIT! I have now heard The Ordinary Boys and so can you by right clicking here... ;)

EDIT2! I have now heard The Magic Numbers and it is utterly glorious. I am in love with this song so much and so can you be by right clicking here... ;)

Coming soon - hot new talent feature, little mermaid, fashion feature, lots of other things.... hope your saturday is going super! BTW, we have no electricity all day tomorrow for some reason so think of me on battery power (all our battery operated items seem to be under the bed, next to the lube...:) )....


  1. Ella Thorvaldsen said...
    Is your Robyn GirlieStyle different from the version I posted on thursday at DSTP?

    PS: Less of the lubetalk Emily!
    Paul said...
    sorry luv! (how common) I;m not sure if its same - i will download the one on your site and let you know :)
    J'ason D'luv said...
    Don Pablo, I have to agree with your accurate description of Robyn... it's a grower, I think.

    Listening to Meatloaf... You know, this is such a great song, and one of the few Celine Dion tunes I was able to stand. Jim Steinman really is a maestro at pop drama, isn't he? But, gotta say, this version has me missing the original's angelic backing vocals (the "fooor-ever" at the beginning). It'll maybe grow on me.

    Going to listen to Killers/Nelly now...
    PinkieDust said...
    Don Pablo! Thats dreamy! It just makes you sexier Paul!

    I thought of doing a PopEatsPop thing on this new MeatLoaf thing but hey its a well known song. It doesnt quite fit my bill.

    And Ella this is the same version as yours(thanks for leaking it)

    Lack of electricty: The post-modern nightmare! You'll pull through it. Just make use of that lube!

    And how uppa cl(assy) of ya. Us poor boys use spit. And thats if were lucky....
    J'ason D'luv said...
    And that, my boy, is why you're chavtastic.
    Paul said...
    ah darren and i call that a prison hump :) And yes, I Don Pablo, am sexy. Or at least i'm bringing sexy back...

    i really like the meatloaf version - its most acceptable. I am adoring the new magic numbers song. god i love them...
    Anonymous said...
    Hmmm Meatloaf doesn't seem expired, but it doesn't seem to be an mp3 either... Is it me?

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