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Mondays always come around far too quickly don't they? I am still in a buzz about The History Boys, yet snowed under at work so I am finding it hard to get into my groove... plus i can't believe its already september. Where has the year gone?? Yesterday, in the car I was already coming up for ideas about a 24 days of Christmas bloggathon i really want to do.....but first some random album reviews:

Justin Timberlake - FutureSex/LoveSounds

JT's Sexy/Back pretty much polarised the blogging community - people either loved it (me!) or bemoaned its lack of anything remotely resembling a melody or chorus... Now that parent album FutureSex/LoveSounds has "officially" been released (ie, not leaked all over the internet), i thought i would add some thoughts on whether it lives up to the hype or not. There are some really great tracks on the album and JT takes great strides forward as both a writer and performer: stomping Summer Love is a terrific groove, My Love (the next single) is awash in a sea of juddering synths, LoveStoned, which is built from vocal samples is a mighty impressive track and piano ballad Give Me Another Chance is a doozy. It's not a perfect album by any means but it certainly has its fair of stand out tracks. For an alternative perspective, check out Nick's review...

MP3: Justin Timberlake - Boutique In Heaven

The Needles - Finding The Needles

At first listen you might think its easy to peg new group The Needles. Except just as you try they switch styles on you. Their debut album starts out in a fairly traditional rock pop format, but quickly hops, skips and jumps through a variety of guitar band styles so you are never sure what to expect next. For instance Girl I Used To Know has hints of California Dreamin about it and a retro 60s sensibility yet still manages to sound like Weezer. It's all surprisingly engaging and before you know it you are eager to return to the start and begin the journey all over again. Definitely worth your attention...

MP3: The Needles - Girl I Used To Know

Belle- Surfacing

At just 17, belle has already distinguished herself not only from her musical teenage peers but also from the majority of acts currently dominating the charts. Free of the self indulgent angst that often accompanies contemporary albums, belle sings with a startling insight and beguiling intimacy that belies her youth. The exquisite heartfelt opener What The Hell is one of those rare songs that begs to be played over and over again. Assured, soulful and emotional, it sets the tone for a wealth of stand out tracks such as drifting langorous Surfacing and harmonious No Way Back. It's a fresh, dreamy and irresistable debut :)

MP3: Belle - What The Hell


This collection of mp3s either belongs in the "genius - why did no-one else think of that?" or "what the fuss were these people thinking" categories of pop history. Download, enjoy (or not!) and let me know what you think ;)

MP3: Coyote Ugly Girls - Eye Of The Tiger (oh dear god)
MP3: Nerina Pallot - Confide In Me (Kylie cover)
MP3: The Veronicas - Wannabe (Spice Girls cover)


Check out the original cast (not the fantastic touring cast, but the guys who will be in the movie) from The History Boys in a great fashion shoot in the new york times...

is it wrong that I walked home from work listening to S Club Jrs/8 and bemoaning their demise?? Check back tomorrow for some Jamelia, Jesse McCartney, some pipettes bsides and probably some other stuff... (oh and check this fab link for some wicked youtube!)


  1. PinkieDust said...
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
    PinkieDust said...
    Thankz! Wheres the Mermaid thread?! I can't stop listening to it. I have All Good Things Must End burnt into my ears now.
    Poster Girl said...
    Liking S Club 8 is legit :) I await the solo career of Calvin Goldspink with interest, even if it is the girls' voices I miss most.
    Paul said...
    hurrah for liking S Club 8 - is calvin goldspink the one everyone inappropriately fancied?! Aaron Renfree has his own myspace page now!

    PD - i am going to return to the little mermaid at some point in the next week or so...probably after i have been to see wicked this weekend. so excited ;)
    PinkieDust said...
    Are you seeing the first show?! If so there are gonna be some a-lists in your audience!
    PinkieDust said...
    I iz attending it way late in the year. Christmas time me thinks. Don't even get the grade-a cast. 3rd row though. Loved the book.
    Paul said...
    the book is my favourite of all time - i got it about 8 or 9 years ago for Christmas and was thrilled when i knew it would be a musical but i have had to wait for it to come to england to see it :) and hey we are in the third row too :)

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