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21 ~ Robbie Williams, Lovelight (new entry) (soulwax ravelight remix mp3)
20 ~ Take That, Patience (new entry) (mp3)
19 ~ The Pipettes, Judy (acoustic mp3)
18 ~ Nerina Pallot, Geek Love (mp3)
17 ~ The Killers, When You Were Young
16 ~ Nelly Furtado, Promiscuous Girl
15 ~ Nerina Pallot, All Good People
14 ~ Rooster, Good To Be Here (mp3)
13 ~ The Ordinary Boys, Lonely At The Top (mp3)
12 ~ Simon Curtis, Broken (new entry)
11 ~ Gavin Mikhail, Brave (new entry)
10 ~ Scissor Sisters, I Don't Feel Like Dancing
09 ~ Lily Allen, Smile
08 ~ BWO, Chariots Of Fire
07 ~ Jamelia, Something About You (mp3)
06 ~ Girls Aloud, Something Kinda Ooh (mp3)
05 ~ Dangerous Muse, Give Me Danger
04 ~ McFly, Star Girl
03 ~ Elton John, The Bridge (mp3)
02 ~ Paolo Nutini, These Streets
01 ~ The Magic Numbers, Take A Chance (2 weeks) (mp3)


  1. Poster Girl said...
    It's raining down mp3's around here, isn't it? It's lovely to see McFly that high up on your list :) On a completely unrelated this weekend, I heard some remix of Dangerous Muse's "The Rejection" while shopping this weekend and just about dropped everything out of excitement--I don't think it had the result the store was hoping for, though, because I was too distracted to think about buying things after that.

    Fascinating story, I know.
    Paul said...
    luckily they are all mp3s i have posted before so i just copied and pasted the links! I am sad that ezarchive are switching to a new and better version as it means i will lose all my old links and i can't be bothered to redo them! I will probably just do the last 4 weeks worth or something... Sheesh!

    Anyway - i am excited you heard rejection! How annoying for the store that you then were overstimulated and couldn't buy anthing! Boo you ;)
    PinkieDust said...
    Can't wait to hear this Simon Curtis fellow. I like the magic numbers but one has to refuse to read interviews with them as they always sound really wankish. I also think their hippish style is more manufactured than Rachel Stevens entire career. If they just chopped off his wanky locks he'd look sexy in the same way I want to be buggered senseless by BabyDady of SS. Yes, ahem.

    I'm also liking Lily Allens Alfie cos it swipes the tune from that Eurovision smash Puppet On A String.
    J'ason D'luv said...
    Looks like "LDN" fared about as well on this chart as it did on the official UK one. :-)
    Paul said...
    Mr Dust! Thou hast sort of returned :) Always good to "have you" as it were... Simon is great, just marvy. he sent me the nicest message saying he had read my review and loved it which made me like his music even more. One of my friends asked if i ever write a bad review and i told them that there are lots of things i don't like so i would rather write about the things i am passionate about!

    I was into LDN while everyone was into Smile and now the situation is reversed. I know you want her to fall on her arse d'luv! I can read between your lines!!

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