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Same old brand new hair

I went and had my hair cut by the lovely PaulHair (as we call him to avoid confusion) to perk myself up a bit. Paul always does a good job, but he has excelled himself this time. I love my new spikier, more styled than ever new 'do! Plus I kinda think it looks a little like Ben Adams hair. And having popstar hair is never a bad thing. Maybe i have blogstar hair?? (god i look rough in the pic!)


  1. Dan said...
    Pop star hair is never a bad thing!

    Oh, and btw, I love your blog! I've never commented before, but it's fantastic!

    Keep up the good work.

    Dan C.
    Paul said...
    yay glad to have you aboard Dan. Ps - just looked at your blog. Your daughter is adorable :)
    Poster Girl said...
    Oh my gosh! Your new haircut does bear a striking resemblance to that of the Adams! Which is, of course, a very good thing :)

    (Excellent coining of a phrase there--"blogstar hair"!)
    Dan said...
    Thanks for the compliment, Paul. She is a pretty cute kid. I love your blog because (as you can probably tell from mine) I love good pop music, and well, you just can't seem to get that in the U.S. any longer!! So I'm counting on you guys on the other side of the Atlantic to keep me up to date.

    Thanks for coming by my blog. Hopefully, you'll come back again.

    Henry said...
    whoop whoop! now i can comment, tonight i cant, tomorrow i can, next week i cant.
    GOd i hate beta blogger.

    Nice haircut by the way, i think i need one too. i look super emo now.
    Paul said...
    henry! Hurrah on being able to comment :)

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