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Switch Saturday...


As promised, we have a little bit of a diversion today, as one of The Zapping's "7 to watch in 2007" and one of Britain's best hopes for a quality fun pop chart, Switch-22, agreed to be probed for an exclusive Zapping interview. And probe, i did. The boys (Stefan D'Bart and Swany) were kind enough to answer ten questions (plus sub-questions, which, lets face it, was a bit of a cheat on my part...) on life, love, super-hero powers and saving the pop charts from a fate worse than Michelle McManus. Not only are they ridiculously gorgeous, but super nice and funny folks too...Thanks to the boys, and also their manager David for setting up the interview...

1: Switch-22 are the new super heroes of pop, sent back in time to save our boring pop chart. What super hero powers are you going to use in 2007 to bring the real sexy back into the UK top 10??
SDB: well we are going beyond the boundaries of normal super powers as this is a very tough market to crack so it'll have to be the powers of the Super Pout mixed with, not sexy back but the hairy back superpower.
2: Who would win in a fight out of these super heroes and why?
a- Batman or Spiderman -
SWANY: Batman coz everyone looks better in black! Although the spandex of spidey is always a winner, in my book!!
b- Catwoman or Buffy The Vampire Slayer -
SWANY: buffy cos she rocks and catwoman spends too much time licking herself, whilst there are others that need a good licking.... sorry kicking ;-)!
c- Swany or Stefan -
SWANY: oooh tough one, well we’d fight like lovers and then end up doing the dishes together... although i'm drying OK!!!!!!! SDB: Whatever Biatch!!!
3: Most cover versions aren't very inspiring yet Sweet Dreamin' takes two well known songs and mashes them into 3 minutes of glorious pop. What's the story behind that? Will it ever be available for download? -
SDB: Yes we wanted to fuse 2 earth anthems (Respect and Sweet Dreams) to make Sweet Dreamin' which by the views of these earthlings is going down very well!! Plus we added our own bridge and other bits to make people switch to the idea. It wil definitely be available once we get the ok from Mr Bell and Mr Clarke and of course Mr Stewart and Ms Lennox!!!!
4: How did you meet Mr Dave - and is he like Alfred the Butler (batman) or way hotter than that?! -
SWANY: Well we met Mr Dave at a show in the CC Club in London Town then the next time we saw him we were in a music video for some young pop starlett driving round Notting Hill in a 60’s convertible gold american classic car with models and dancers in the glorious sunshine. Yeah he's a bit like Alfred, but more like a mix of A.L.F. & Barry Gibb.
5: Whats the album going to sound like? Will it have a variety of styles like "We Put the 'S' in Action"?
SDB: The album is going to a be alot like We Put The S!!! but it will be more of a dirty beasts that like the feast whilst going east with a vat of yeast, thankyou!

6: I'm blushing just to ask but lots of TheZapping male readers (and some girls) want to know if you have any superhero powers in the bedroom!? And what's most likely to get them invited up?!
SWANY: well firstly boys and girls are welcome as there are no sexes on our planets, so the more the merrier....and yes we do have certain stamina powers that come in useful but if they would like to enter the S22 bedroom then they have to perform a series of tasks which include objects such as a full sized doll of keith chegwin and a rubber mask of dale winton, thats all we can say i'm afraid or SDB will explode :O
7: What can people expect from a Switch-22 live show?
SDB: Erm lots really.... Poodle's, Alsatians, Dalmatians, and some... oh no sorry wait thats Crufts!!! Erm our live show is like a circus electro break pop freak show with dancing chinese and pouting swedes!
8: What other artist do you think is most in need of Switch-22's super powers?
SWANY: ooooh there's nobody out there who can handle Superpowers really but i think maybe there are a few minor groups who could do with some help!!... But we do like to see some crapy ones defeated cos they are giving pop such a bad name!
9: Stefan - you're from 2022, so can you answer a few of these riddles for me...
a- how does the Harry Potter series end?
SDB: Very badly as he know works in Currys off Wandsworth Bridge, London Town.
b- what on earth do those numbers mean in Lost?
SDB: Ooooh well, they are in fact the combination to Ann Widdicombe's locker at the gym.
c- which member of Girls Aloud gets to be prime minister?
SDB: Michelle McManus..... what? oh sorry i thought she was in girls aloud. Erm... the ginger one, she is the brains behind that gaggle of chicks.
10: Thanks for answering all these questions. You can now take a well earned rest - what do superheroes of pop do in their time off?
SWANY: Well thankyou very much and in our spare time I like to dress as a magical dwarf and teach kung foo to travelling salesmen and women!!! SDB: Yes many thanks to you ZAPPING!!! In my spare time i like to keep busy by flying around the world to collect the special ingredients that go into Dale Wintons Make Up kit, I am his personal makeup boy.
SDB & SWANY: Thanks Paul and thanks to all the Zappers!!!! XXXXXXXXXXXXX
LINK: Switch 22's official home page
LINK: Switch 22's myspace page
LINK: Purchase Switch 22's "We Put The 'S' In Action"
LINK: Zapping review of above EP
LINK: Switch 22's first letter of love to Zapping readers


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