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24 Days til Christmas

Well I am sitting at a lovely little computer in Gran Canaria, overlooking the sunny sites and typing up my very first of 24 Christmas posts. Actually, that doesn´t mean all my posts will just be festive from now until Christmas, just that part of my post each day will feature Christmas music from a whole variety of sources!! I am starting off with two of my very favourite Christmas songs, that both are by faded 90s pop acts and both have the same title. More on this below... plus i will have lots to write about when I am back on Sunday - including all our photos and memories over in holiday diaries blog. Am shocked by the way to discover that fairly music ignorant DazPicky loves Razorlights America which then led to us having a conversation about XOLondon and how he doesn´t live in London.Strange where the mind takes you...
Deborah Gibson and Tommy Page both were talented singer songwriters whose careers I stuck with and cherished long after most people had stopped caring. And both have dabbled with some beautiful and original Christmas music. Around 1990, Tommy had a mournful Christmas tune called Christmas Without You that really stuck with me that Christmas for various reasons. He followed it up a few years later with a more uplifting festive swooner called Christmas Feels Like Heaven. And sometimes it does, doesn´t it?
Deb had already recorded Sleigh Ride for A Very SpecialChristmas 2 when she wrote and sang this demo version of Take Me Home For Christmas - a truly lovely song about the need to fit in and be loved at the most forgiving and special time of year. For a long time, this was my favourite Christmas song until in 2004, Christmas Without You was released. Not only does it feature a gorgeous vocal, but has a timeless melody, sorrowful lyrics and some tinkling piano. It was when I put all Tommy and Deb´s christmas songs together that i got a marketing campaign idea...
Springfield Clothes Store ( is like the cooler out of town cousin of the Gap that has spent its life in Omaha (somewhere in middle America), while the gap has lived it up in NYC. In reality, Springfield is huge in most parts of Europe - except, sadly, Britain where there are no stores...Well its time for Springfield to get a job in the city – their winter collection is an absolute must have of chunky knits and colourful scarves (which is this years ultimate accessory when worn correctly – cool furry hood parka enhanced or not) Now to get it launched stateside - so far only Canadians benefit – I think Deborah should be its spokesperson (a la Sarah Jessica Parker Broderick) along with Tommy Page. Both could have separate commercials singing their own versions of Christmas without You and then finally meet in a joint commercial which sees Springfield bring their *love* together. Sigh. Deborah does Springfield? Most definitely
MP3: Tommy Page - Christmas Feels Like Heaven
Coming soon: Another festive post tomorrow (Sat); things return to normal on Sun - some album reviews and singles choices, more greatest hits done right, something about Take That (again), more festive stuff mixed in, the best things to buy this year, the holiday diaries and lots lots more...


  1. Bimbo said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    J'ason D'luv said...
    what? How did that strange nickname get up there? Anyway, never heard of Springfield, but thanks for introducing. Hell, we're just now getting an H&M here in L.A...... meanwhile, even Pittsburgh has had an H&M for over a year.

    Can't wait till ur back! Travel safe...
    Poster Girl said...
    I really like that Tommy Page song, and can't wait to hear the Deborah Gibson...even more exciting will be your return, though! ;)
    xolondon said...
    Are either one of those songs like, "Christmas without you / white Christmas and I'm blue"? That's a song I LOVE by Kenny and Dolly. I will post it!

    Sometimes it's easier to love a place when you don't live there. You can wipe away the problems either through ignorance or rosy memories. It's also nice to have an "escape" place where you feel at home and I've always from Day 1 felt really at home in London.

    The first time I heard the Razorlight song, I got a unique perspective I had never thought of, "all my life, watching America" as if it were a living thing, because it has such a big, brash personality. Then people come here and who knows what they think. All I suggest is that they go to San Fran and NYC and maybe someplace like Austin, along with more pastoral places (like Colorado or New Mexico), so they get a sense that it actually is pretty. And that the people are actually nice, unlike our recent reputation.
    Paul said...
    I´ve always loved America and never really had a bad experience there in all the many times i´ve visited. People have always been nice and if not nice then at least courteous... and no, both Christmas Without You songs are original compositions by the singers - ooo i wasn´t aware there was another!

    Yes will be home soon and like Dorothy said, there is no place like home. My mind has been coming up with post ideas all week and i´ve been jotting them down like crazy!!

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