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3 days til Christmas...

Hurrah to the last day of work before Christmas! Normally, I take as much of Christmas off as possible, but this year as I am leaving my job I offered to work today and weds- fri next week so that I can have a couple of weeks off before I start my new job. Huzzah, etc. And my, isn't it foggy out. I felt like Nicole Kidman in The Others today walking to work – very appropriate though seeing as my friend Simon texted me to say the new Harry Potter title was "…And The Deathly Hallows." It seemed spookily eerie in the fog and mist as G4 belted out Crazy on my archos…what a weird and wonderful world I live in ;) Anyway, I hope you are all filled with yuletide wonderment this gorgeous weekend. Kisses to you all! And on with the post…

It's been quite the year for some absolutely stunning singles that will stay in my head long past the time Big Ben chimes us into 2007. Lots of the acts that made last year's list reappear for another bite of the cherry (BWO, Jason Mraz, Deborah, McFly, Scissor Sisters, Magic Numbers, Killers) as well as being joined by some old favourites and new whippersnappers. Without further ado then, it's another list!!!
Click here for numbers 26 – 11…
10 ~ Mohair, End Of The Line
While everyone is excited (rightly) about Mika being the new Freddie Mercury, most people missed this years Freddie when Mohair put out the most theatrical, cabaret inspired slice of rock for years. A gleeful musical eff you was swathed in horns, synths, guitars and (queen) killer chorus.
09 ~ Justin Timberlake, Sexy/Back
One of the years most polarising songs – you either loved it or hated it. I loved it. I thought it was one of the most innovative slices of r'n'b infused dance-pop I had heard in the longest time. Plus Justin looked RAR! Video was all over the place though. Still, funk was back and soon everyone and his mom was covering it!
08 ~ The Feeling, Never Be Lonely
As beautiful as The Feeling sound on their slower songs, it's the jaunty uptempo numbers dripping in cock-rock influences that they shine. This was this summer's most marvelous squint eyed look at the glories of love. It sounded just incredible live and Dan looked just darling and dapper in the video.
07 ~ Paolo Nutini, Last Request
A bittersweet ode to breaking up introduced the sometimes sensitive Mr Nutini into my world, and never has the break up of young love sounded so desperate and pleading, yet so beautiful and melodic. A great heist video with twist ending accompanied the track.
06 ~ The Killers, When You Were Young
And so B-Flo and his boys returned cowboy style as they were done with England and now loved America again. I needn't have been worried – the tune was built for stadiums, the chorus soaring, the video beautiful and the whole package a breathtaking wonder from start to finish.

05 ~ BWO, Temple Of Love
Third and final entry on this list for the best pop group around. Their comeback single (though was anyone really finished with the first album?) was't their best or particularly groundbreaking, but it was pure pop and all encompassing and wrapped its arms around you as spring leapt into action. Bracing and brilliant!
04 ~ Take That, Patience
A title that described a relationship, but was also a wink to the fans who had waited ten years for this moment. Take That were back with an elegant song that saw their matured sound take their sophisti-pop to the next level. Strings, harmonies, class and sheer nostalgia made this comeback one for the books. Quite simply, lovely.
03 ~ Simon Curtis, Broken
For someone who has had no official releases in 2006, this boy has done well. Broken remains one of the most exciting pop tracks I've heard in a long time. Gloriously gleeful in it's distaste for the errant partner, it's a song that has exquisite production, an amazing vocal and terrific lyrics. I want more, and have a sneaky suspicion 2007 will bring it…
02 ~ Scissor Sisters, I Don't Feel Like Dancing
A song about staying in proved to be a staple for people going out as Elton's piano, some honky tonk, a sublime falsetto and typically catchy chorus gave us the comeback single for the Scissters and a dance classic to boot. It's not their edgiest single but it certainly is the one that embraces all the elements of pop, and that makes it a winner from start to end :)

01 ~ The Feeling, Fill My Little World
Oh. My. Gosh. Unrequited love is heartbreaking, soul destroying and awful. Which is why it's even more impressive that such subject matter could spawn one of the years most exuberant and addictive songs. Stunning harmonies, beautifully crafted chorus, an amazing lead vocal from Dan and the sound of a band who know how to bring the best out in each other. It's utterly deserving of it's top place ranking in my favourite songs of the year.
I love a bit of alliteration. It's good for the tongue. As DazPlantoon well knows. So attracted by the tongue-rolliness of it all, last night as a Christmas present to my folks I took them and my tres bon friend Cat along to the original X-Factor runners up G4's Christmas Carol Concert at Coventry Cathedral. And DazPalooka reluctantly came along too. Bless 'im…
Obviously, it was not going to be your normal "pop" concert, set in a working religious cathedral, and there was even an awed hush as the 1500 strong throng took to their pughs (kudos to papazapping for being able to break the prayer kneeling thingy within about 3 minutes). DazPetal, Cat and I were BY FAR the youngest people in there, and after a quick plug from the vicar, G4 came in from behind (ooo just how I like it!) singing Once In Royal David's City. And of course, vocally flawless it was too. The great thing about the whole performance was that they didn't use microphones and just embraced the acoustics of the cathedral to project their voices. The guy playing piano for them was incredibly talented and added an extra layer to the performance. All 4 boys were decked out in tailored suits and looked mighty fine, though Jonathan's quiff was a bit out of control, let me tell you. Mindful of the setting, the boys chose some of the more reverent songs from their catalogue, such as My Way, Amazing Grace, Nessum Dorma, To Where You Are and current single Danny Boy. All beautifully executed and enhanced by the environment. The stand outs had to be the festive tunes – When A Child Is Born was utterly stunning live as was the restrained Silent Night. O Holy Night (which they must surely put on next years album) gave me goosebumps from head to toe, and finally the audience joined in on the slightly messy O Come All Ye Faithful, where the boys came down to check everyone was singing and stood on the end of our row! Cute… Overall, it was a unique way to put a new spin on a tour that worked well and added some yuletide sparkle. And my parents LOVED it, so a good time was had by all ;)
LINK: Buy G4's Act III
MP3: G4 – Silent Night
MP3: G4 – When A Child Is Born
BONUS MP3: Il Divo – O Holy Night
Aw. Wilson Phillips. How I loved them. They made two fine albums of sunny pop, glorious harmonies (I've used the word glorious far too often today, please indulge me!) and sometimes bittersweet lyrics before they split. Then they became The Wilsons and Chynna Phillips and I followed their careers that way until they all came back together a couple of years back for a somewhat lazy but lovely covers album. But one album I somehow missed out on altogether was Carnie (why would you name your child after what people call circus folk?!) and Wendy's festive palooza Hey Santa – which took their trademark summery harmonies into a colder season. A trip through most of the songs you'd expect here were all quite lovely and festive and the one original – Hey Santa – while no classic is a fun enough romp to get you through the holidays. And while we are with the Wilson family, let's not forget the Beach Boys doing the classic Little Saint Nick or – thanks to Love, Actually - the not Christmas related but actually festive entwined God Only Knows. See, singing round the piano at the Wilsons on Christmas eve must be marvellous dysfunctional fun!!
MP3: Carnie and Wendy – hey Santa
MP3: Beach Boys – Little Saint Nick
MP3: Beach Boys – Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
~ Something kinda ew. Harry from McFly has hip gout, Which can't be fun. Or sexy.
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~ we nearly did a little love wee in our pants when we saw this new song by Infernal over at Will's Eyepod!
~ More love wee because Pinkie is back. About time, etc...
~ Lots of exciting Dr Who spin off and non spin off piccies over at Dan's always reliable and now brilliantly ASOS dressed site :)
~ Another sexyback cover? If there is a new version out there you will know that Zeon has it :)
~ It breaks my heart daily that V split up which is probably why I wanted Eton Road to win X Factor so much. Luckily DigTech3 has a much better
overview of their career than i was planning....
(There is still time to contribute - email me!)
(My name is not Susan, but if yours is and you posted a comment about Pacific Avenue the other day, please email me!!)


  1. xolondon said...
    I guess your #1 song all on me own! I want a cash prize please!
    PinkieDust said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    PinkieDust said...
    Fuck! You were so right about your posts getting longer and longer. Not that i'm complaining.

    Love Wee? Love Wee? What the...(feigns innocence!) I am shy!

    I fucking hate BwO. I wanna rip the hair out of that queen. they are trying too hard. The Killers I love however the ScissorSluts totally let me down. As did Mcflurry. I want them to produce a rock electroclash album as they are becoming very dull and rather repetitive.

    Thanks to you I've fallen for Simon Curtis. I fink he should be over and above the Scissor Sluts who just released an album of remixed Elton John b-sides. What about Frank? The album was stellar.

    My only sour point to your list excludes European acts! Well it does include BwO but they just released left-over tracks from the first Alcazar album. I loved the album by Dover by Follow The City Lights(they hail from Spain) and Amy Diamonds second album(hails from Sverige). Also it would be right to mention Amy Winehouse!
    Paul said...
    XO - was there any doubt it would be anything else?! Though the top five were incredibly close...

    Pinkie - fancy writing something about Mr Curtis for a big article i'm doing next week? Email me! To be honest i had only so much time in between writing my novel, writing my blog, work, dazpants and emails to friends to listen to only so much new music. I like my choices ;) And i hate la winehouse :( But lists are meant to generate divisive opinions :)
    PinkieDust said...
    emailed you! and you didnt explain love wee!
    eLeMeNOhPeaQ said...
    I love, love, love the original Christmas tune, "Hey Santa" by Carnie & Wendy Wilson. I posted it on my blog and in my Top 10 All-Time favorite Xmas tunes awhile back.

    While on topic of Wilson Phillips, I worked for a record store for many years. In '92, a group of youngish women came in and inquired about a song and the female group that performed it. They said, "It's a pop song, there are 4 girls in the group and their harmonies are amazing." I responded, "Wilson Phillips?" One of them said, "No. There are only three gilrs in Wilson Phillips." And I said, "Oh yeah, you're right. I was counting Carnie twice." Boy, did I get the evil looks. But, it was funny. It turns out, they were looking for an En Vogue single.

    Also, you're Number 11 song, Deb's "Someone You Love"...I've never heard it, and would love to. (Hint, Hint.) I'll be posting some Deb songs/mixes on my blog soon, which I've had on cassette for years. Maybe I have something you don't? (Though I highly doubt it.)

    Your blog is one of a few I look forward to visit every day. You wouldn't mind if I add you to my blog's links, would you?

    Finally, Merry Christmas!
    Poster Girl said...
    Rather strangely, I've found myself liking "Chariots of Fire" more than "Temple of Love," but it's a pretty close competition.

    I can't believe I never e-mailed you for the Christmas card! I'm so sorry--and I promise to get the Simon Curtis review to you (it is pretty much written but I just want to let it sit for a tiny bit and make sure I don't want to rewrite anything before sending it to you)!

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