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8 days til Christmas...

Bonour mes ami! Or something. Well of course, it wouldn't be a Saturday night out without DazPickled grabbing a beer, his very foxy new Springfield shirt (which soon got ripped off at home. Rar, etc) and some pole dancing (more pole dancing at home, fnar fnar, etc.) I wasn't in the mood for drinking, but was certainly entertained by DazParty shimmying his way around the dancefloor. I always thought I bet you look good on the dancefloor and I was right. God, I'm waffling. I'm tired! He got the hiccups at about 4am, and they were these HUGE gut wrenching hiccups and it took ages for them to stop. Grrr, etc. Anyway, it was a fun night, and prior to that a fun day (see thezapping family christmas below) and only one week of work left til the festive weekend! Hurrah! Deck the halls! Falalalalalalalala....

Continuing the dress my readers if they are boys or girls who want to dress like or shop for boys theme, it's time to get down to what to wear on those yuletide nights out to the pub/bar. Important lesson here people - casual dressing is not synonymous with scruffy dressing. For example, as long as we don't have external appointments at work, we can come in smart casual. I wear jeans, a shirt and v-neck. Inderjit wears jeans with holes and a hoodie. There is a difference :)
A trip to the pub/bar requires a little more thought than just throwing on the nearest clean thing available, but also it shouldn't look like you've tried too hard either. Why not try loose fit jeans and a logo t-shirt for some effortless elegance - and accessorise with a leather wrist strap and maybe a cool necklace. If it's chilly a beanie hat will give you that boyband member look, as long as your hair can cope with it coming off...
Alternatively, you could go a little smarter and a little more retro. Why not try some smart trousers with some individual shoes... sex it up with a little checked western shirt (fitted at the back and not too long, it should come untucked just below your belt, not K-Fed style down to your knees...) and a bit of gel through your gorgeous locks and you are good to go my sexy friend :)
Of course, this isn't the real Christmas story, but an utterly enchanting book about a school drama inspector in Yorkshire who used to visit lots of primary schools/kindergartons and watch their festive stage productions. Inevitably when kids under eight are involved it leads to some really cute and sometimes touching, often hilarious situations. I adore this book and the author has kindly given permission for a small extract in exchange for a donation to his fave charity (see link below). I hope you enjoy this as much as I do...
"THE GRUMPY INNKEEPER: The little actor in one version of the Christmas story I attended looked very disgruntled. I heard that the lead part of Joseph had been given to another child and the would-be thespian had not been too pleased. He had argued with his teacher to no avail and still wasn't very happy when given the role of the innkeeper. 'But why can't I be Joseph' he had persisted. 'Because you can't' the teacher snapped 'and if you don't stop whinging, you'll end up as a palm tree!'
On the night of the performance, Mary and Joseph arrived at the inn and knocked very loudly at the door. The innkeeper who had remained grumpy throughout all the rehearsals now opened the door with a beaming smile. 'Innkeeper! Innkeeper!' Joseph began 'we have travelled many miles in the darkness and the cold. May we come in?' 'She can come in' stated the innkeeper pulling Mary through the door, 'but you can push off!'
The voice of an exasperated teacher in the wings 'no no you silly boy' bought proceedings to a halt. A moment later, Mary emerged from the inn to join her bemused spouse and they headed for the stable downstage where a large pink doll representing baby Jesus sat propped up in the manger.
The doll of the modern talking variety had a mop of curly blonde hair and a round pink face. When Mary picked it up, the movement started it off and it proclaimed loudly in a tinny American accent 'My name is Tammy. Are you my mommy? My diaper needs changing.' Mary, with great presence of mind for a 6 year old thrust the doll viciously under the imitation hay saying ' nightie night then Jesus. Time for a little sleep'..."
I think much of my family's love for Christmas comes from my parents. No matter whether they were struggling or doing well when we were growing up, they always made sure Christmas was a fun family time filled with singing, games and laughter. Only last week, I called my ma and pa and heard they were putting the tree up and even on the phone, i could hear them giggling and laughing with each other as they did it. Aw. Yesterday, i popped round to see them and got in a cuddly few festive snaps (love my mom's robbie williams calendar in the background!), before popping over to see my adorable youngest (28!) sister Hannah at her church christmas party. Hannah is one of the most giving and charitable people i know and she had really gone all out to make sure members at the church had a great festive spread :) Awwww again. So today I thought I would post my ten favourite christmas songs of all time (at this moment in time!) (plus 5! It was hard to chose), thanks to the excessively festive mood my family has put me in :) Some have been posted before, but oh well, doesn't hurt to have them again! Enjoy! Ps - pop over to dan's site for an unbelievably cute pic of him and his daughter. Holly is a lucky woman. We love some zapping readers family shots :)
15 ~ Garth Brooks, Unto You This Night (mp3)
14 ~ Blues Traveller, Comes A Time for Christmas (mp3)
13 ~ Amy Grant, The Night Before Christmas (mp3)
12 - Mariah Carey, Hark The Herald Angels/Angels We Have Heard (mp3)
11 - Tevin Campbell, O Holy Night (mp3)
10 ~ G4, When A Child Is Born (mp3)
09 ~ S Club, Perfect Christmas (mp3)
08 ~ Tommy Page, Christmas Without You (mp3)
07 ~ Maroon 5, War Is Over (mp3) (and bonus mp3 - the fray's version)
06 ~ Rockapella, It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas (mp3)
05 ~ No Doubt, Oi To The World (mp3)
04 ~ BNL, Elf's Lament (mp3)
03 ~ Mariah Carey, All I Want For Christmas (so so def mp3)
02 ~ Deborah Gibson, Christmas Without You (mp3)
01 ~ The Pogues ft Kirsty McColl, FairyTale Of New York (mp3)
(the number one song absolutely breaks my heart when Kirsty sings "You took my dreams from me when i first found them" and the reply from Shane Pogue sounds so hurt and shocked "I kept them with me babe, i put them with my own. " Sniffle!)
The run up to Christmas starts tomorrow :)
Check out some more festive celebs at the spinoff blog!
My filexoom bandwidth is reset so you can download songs posted before December 1st - particularly these two posts that were never accessible :)


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