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Good Sunday to all you fine people choosing to read my blog today. I know you have a choice of blogs to read so thank you for taking the time out to read mine ;) Or something. I was going to cover some new Lily Allens (chick style) today but to be honest I couldn't be bothered with them, realising that yesterdays men Lily were much better, so instead I will regale you with tales of my fun night out with the gang... Sunday is going far too quickly for my liking. But isn't that always the way? I have to be up at 5am tomorrow to take my beloved DazPizza to the airport and then have a full day of work ahead of me. Sheesh kebab! Still, it will be last week with the glamorous Coventry City Council and while i'll be sad to leave some of my friends behind, i never really settled there and I can't wait to start my new job on Feb 5th. So for now I will look forward to two weeks off work, some exciting website developments and plenty of stuff for you lovely people to digest :) On with the post!

You may be wondering why there is a half naked man in pink undies at the top of this fine page... or you just may be appreciating the picture. Well, DazPants and I invested in some new aussie bum underwear and I deviated from my usual style and got the saucy pink undies you see at the top. When I wore them for the first time last night on a night out, I was shocked to discover how scandalously revealing they were and barely covered my "Man Thatch" as well as rode up my ass like a cheap two bit bloke-whore all night. And trust me, they did not look as good on me as they did on the rather more buff model above. But i think i managed to pull off a fairly casual ensemble and give it a bit of street flair with a jauntily placed cap. I am convinced I could walk through the rough streets of Birmingham like this and no one would bat an eyelid. My friend Cat said that was charmingly naive of me...
So instead I added a nice warm scarf as a fashion accessory and snuggled up to a quite drunk Darren before we headed out with the stunning Bernice and hot new lesbian couple Hironda Mitsubishi and Steph. We popped into the overcrowded village and ended up staying all evening. DazPhoto was slightly overstimulated by beer and did his old "i've got worms" bottom wiggle on the chair for all to see and took about a million photos with his sexy new camera phone. Him and Hironda disappeared for most the night to strut their funky stuff to Musical Youth on the dancefloor while i gossiped with Bernice and Steph. I was quite enjoying grooving in my chair to Fame when rather mortifyingly some old man came up behind me and started grinding his obviously over blood pumped fallis into the back of my head. I was too terrified to turn around in case i got it in my eye and had to grin and bear it until he heard my shouts of "for gods sake Fuck Off!" Jeebus!
Awww, don't we all look nice. This was seconds before some old bloke who was about 30lbs overweight and wearing a belly revealing tank top walked past and I wittily said "ooo look its Darren in ten years time" which everyone found hilarious except Darren oddly enough... And then as I was quite drunk at this point, i started sending saucy texts to everyone i knew which was hugely embarrassing in the morning! Then, just before we were about to leave, I was in the bathroom and some 19 yr old twink thing starts saying to his equally odious friend, 'oh it must be cold in here, oh it's so chilly, it is like the antartic, wearing a scarf indoors...' and went on and on about it. I "finished up" spun round and (as i was now not in a good mood) said "do you have a problem? I don't fucking judge your horrible trousers or nancy boy haircut so just shut up" and then stomped (read: minced) out. Yes readers, you've seen the moody side of the zapping and it ain't pretty!
Switch 22 ~ the superheroes of pop (along with the excellent Jean) are performing at Revue Bar (formally too 2 much) Soho London UK!! on the 20th Feb.... I am so there and fully expect to get a free drink after ;) (Just kidding!)
Conor ~ has a gorgeous new song on his myspace site called Heart of Stone (check out my review of it here). Exciting news is in the offing and we hope to bring it to you soon :)
Digital ~ will be doing a regular blog for exciting new site, Lost In Limbo, which I hope to be a part of :) Plus an all new look is to be revealed soon...
Both Beyond and Billiam are finishing off photoshoots and new music at the present and i can't wait to see their new looks :)
Simon Curtis ~ I had two brilliant tracks from Simon that i really want to write about, but i need to check with him first that it's ok! Plus he is putting together all his stuff to start label shopping at the end of this month. Very exciting indeed :)
Previous updates are now available by clicking the tab 11 in 07 at the top of the page :)
Although I prefer the Girls to the Babes, there is no denying that whichever line up you look at the Sugababes have knocked out some pretty decent tunes. And you can tell they are good because they certainly stand up in a more stripped down setting that emphasises the melody and harmonies over an acoustic arrangement rather than letting the beats control the song. Thanks to a fansite, you can now experience the Babes in all their unplugged glory and see just exactly how good the tunes really are. Best picks are the flamenco-y Red Dress, the almost naked sounding Freak Like Me and Round Round and their cover of Primal Scream's Rocks. A gorgeous reading of White Christmas is just icing on the cake...
A very happy birthday to our friend Justin who turns 36 today. He's the one on the right playing rock em sock em robots with Adam :) Happy Birthday Dude!
~ returns tomorrow. Instead here are McDreamy and McSteamy from Grey's Anatomy both looking fine in their latest magazine shoots (Details and Men's Health respectively)...

PS ~ Check out my ebay auctions! I'm having a clear out!!


  1. DanProject76 said...
    I am not agreeing with the twink creature but I don't understand a t-shirt and scarf combination. It's either too hot for the scarf or too cold for just a t-shirt surely?

    I like the t-shirt anyway.
    Will said...
    He he, nice work, there's nothing like a few choice cutting comments to bring a young queen down a peg or two!

    I'm so excited about the tease of new Simon Curtis todbits! I'm intruiged about Switch22 at the soho revue too.
    Poster Girl said...
    Ooo, Switch 22 performing? I need to live in the UK ;) It sounds like your nights out are never boring (and I can only imagine the same is true for the S22 boys...can't imagine what all that together would at up to!).
    xolondon said...
    Selling Robyn!? Tsk Tsk! Ya'll always have great nights out. I LOVE the name Hironda Mitsubishi btw.

    Now Paul, I am in a teacherly mood, so here are two corrections, with love... 1) it's phallus (I know, as I own a v. nice one!) and your use of quotes around "finished up" suggests to me that you are using this as a eupehmism for something very different! ;)

    Miss Crapabble has spoken.
    Robpop said...
    What is it with caps? Bloody everywhere. Can I please see those pics of you in those aussie bums. For official purposes ONLY. Of course.

    Are you going to popshowparty in feb? My regular date (Ella) is too busy with her Brazilian "tour of duty".

    The night includes

    Electric Dolls-I'll feature these on DSTP very very soon!

    Kelly Pepper

    On second reading...I've just realised its the same night your talking in your blog!

    I shall be there too!
    J'ason D'luv said...
    Nice to see the HSM DVD I got you ending up on ebay...
    Paul said...
    gosh what a lot of quotes - i'll go in reverse.
    D'luv 2 luv u baby - HSM only ended up on ebay cos i now have 3 copies! The one you sent, the one another american friend sent me for christmas and the new remix addition yet another friend got me for Christmas!! Officially, it's yours i'm keeping, and my friends i'm selling (still in shrink wrap buying fans!) Sssh don't tell him... (PS way to make me feel horrible and guilty :( )!

    Robopop! Hurrah! I look forward to coffee and biscotti.

    XO - grammar lesson duly noted ;) I was v v hungover. My english A level teacher Mrs. Gutteridge will be appalled...

    Veronica and Will - S22 live is something i'm V excited about :)

    Dan - fair point, but fashion has never made sense :)
    Anonymous said...

    I would love to have the Sugababes acoustic collection but cant open rar files on my pc. is there any way round this?

    thanks in advance.


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