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Sigh. Doesn't time fly when you are having fun. One year ago, I decided to stop bugging my friends with emails filled with pop culture references and music recommendations and create my own blog. And i did. It was originally called Zappin' It To Ya and my first few months of posts went by with minimal comments and were about the length of where you are up to now :) Haha. And that's me in Feb 06, above. My hair was slightly out of control, but the edges of good fashion sense were still there. And a lot happened in the past year with this blog - it went from Zapping It To Ya to The Zapping to thezapping and 3 template changes. It went from posting an inordinate amount of illegal mp3s (and having lots of readers) to phasing out the downloads and the readership stabilising somewhat into what i like to think is a loyal band of followers. I shared my obsessions and watched them become cultural phenomenons. I made some terrific friends, some terrific music choices and some not so terrific music choices. I gave fashion tips and let you peek into the world of my parties and holidays. And I have to say I've absolutely loved doing it :) It's never seemed like a chore and I amaze myself that i come up with new crap, er, i mean words of sparkling marviosity on a daily basis! Here are some of the highlights...
~ One of the first bands I wrote about was The Feeling. Sewn was getting the airplay but I was still obsessed with their debut single Fill My Little World. Which, by the way, is still my favourite tune of 2006. How exciting that they lived up to their early promise, provided some brilliant Ruthiepoos-Paul evenings out and became a smash hit all round Britain. Huzzah. Plus I got to coin the phrase, Dan Gillespie (Sex)Sells :)
~ Another of my first posts was about my favourite ever book called Wicked by Gregory Maguire. Of course this had become a musical on Broadway several years after I had read and re-read the novel, but I had never seen it and the news that it was coming to England had me all in a tizzy. Til i finally got to see it with dazpanteloons in September and the obsession rating ever since has been higher than ever. In other words, it was marv.
~ Talking of Mr Panteloons, not only did the poor bloke have a serious back operation this year (Slice watch!) but i finally bullied the poor dude into getting hitched. And get hitched we did - for once darren decides to do something he goes for it big style. So decked out in top hat and canes, we did our civil partnership and then had a rip roaring day by partying at the bar where we first met :) Aaah, ain't love grand... As was Barcelona where we pissed off to on our homomoon :)
~ Back to September, I went to see the History Boys touring version with my cultured friend Kirsty. And loved it, came back raved about it and got my first comment from Pinkie ;) Kirsty and I became obsessed with la Boys (particularly Ben Barnes as Daykin), went to see the movie (not quite as good but still excellent) and popped down to London to see our lovely touring cast in the west end. Plus Daykin looked like Manning Butts from my school days. Who now looks like Patrick Dempsey from Grey's Anatomy...
~ I raved about Deborah Gibson a lot (too much DazPicky would say) who is clearly my fave female artist. However, I never expected my favourite ever boyband, Take That to return and provide such a stunning album ranging from ballads to ELO/Scissor Sisters inspired Mark Owen genius to the usual array of Gary Barlow statesmanly pop. And Never Forget used at the end of Shameless? Genius... McFly also flew the boyband banner and produced their finest album to date...
~ However, I was convinced that the slightly rubbish Eton Road on the X Factor would pull it together and follow take that into a sort of junior version that would lead a boyband revival in Brtain. I was wrong. Despite being the most pop thing about the x factor, Leona Lewis won (snooze) and my boyband dreams were dashed. Or so it would seem. I was just betting on the wrong horse. Digital popped into my world in late October/early November last year with a cover of Blur's Girls and Boys and have just got better and better with each song I hear. Current song I am loving Get Your Kit Off has renewed my hope for boyband goodness in the charts in the very near future. Plus, 2 of them are a little bit RAR. Plus (again!) Dean has the same pair of trousers on as I wore to work today. I am so cutting edge. And equally as important as the music - they are uber likeable. Baz and Dean have been super supportive of thezapping for which i thank them :)
~ Talking of being supportive, i couldn't have imagined the email interactions I would have with Switch22 when i did a little piece on them back in June. I soon wrote lots more about them and the lads did interviews and little pieces themselves for lazap and kept in touch and seemed to follow my progress as much as i did theirs. As hilarious as they are goodlooking and talented, I like to think the "big boi" and "boyo" exitludes to their messages are because of my obvious prowess ;) hahahaha, kidding! It's the interactions from the popstars of tomorrow like S22 and Digital that have made this such an exciting venture for me :)
~ But none have inspired me more than young Simon (and that's no disrespect to Digital, S22 or any of my 11 in 07 as i love all their music). More than anyone Simon Curtis seemed to be producing music that mirrored the pop music i longed for in my head. Along with Jadion (his producer), i made contact and i soon became a convert to the Alter Boy cause and take every opportunity to promote his music for nigh on 9 months now. I'm convinced that Simon will be a huge star very soon and again, he has been most generous with his time for thezapping and in random correspondence that shoots back and forth when we have free moments!
~ so that's it for thezapping as you know it. Of course not much will change, the layout will be radically different, but the words and passion will be the same. Oh! I'll have some fun new features including "the ten questions thezapping asks everyone" (ranging from new stars Limited Edition to Candy Coated Chaos (formerly Bliss) to Ben Adams!) some celebrity blogs and all my usual stuff. And before that all happens I hope you'll all come with me to the new zapping experience and tell your friends, because more than anything, your comments and kind emails have been so much fun to read and respond to :) See you Wednesday!


  1. Anonymous said...
    Oh, Paul, where to start!!

    I first stumbled across your website in June last year and was thrilled with your marriage stuff, especially as you are down the road from me. You have introduced me to me to some fab pop music that I would have not otherwise known about, (not sure about the geetar stuff..) Your site is one of the few I visit daily, and you know you have given me the impetus to start my own. I know this sounds a lil' bit too gushing but it's true!

    I even requested 'Wicked' the book, for a Christmas present and have downloaded 'Defying Gravity' cos of you. And don't even get me started on the sexpot, that is Pinkie D, who challenged your views on the 'History Boys' way back then.

    All I wish for is more of the same, and I hope that will continue!

    Long live Master Zapping!

    BTW... You are still listed as Zapping It To Ya in my faves.
    Poster Girl said...
    Happy birthday to thezapping (I'm fighting back the impulse to capitalize and put spaces in that ;) )! One year of introductions to amazing artists, one year of "should've beens" and "actually were but I just didn't know about," one year of fashion and musicals and movies, one year of your always hilarious writing...thank you so much for the time you put into this, and the always high quality (including Drew Seeley ;) ) content you feature! The unsigned or just starting up artists you feature certainly owe you a debt of gratidue for all the promotion you've done for them, but I owe you, too--yours was the first blog that I ever left a comment on, and without your encouragement and comments, who knows if I'd still be going today? I'd certainly have a lot fewer artists to love and follow, and a lot fewer laughs each day!

    Here's to another year of being zapped, and many many more! Congratulations on a great first year :)
    xolondon said...
    Do we have some champers and some nibbly bits?

    Happy New Blog! When you are given a record company, please hire me.

    xo xo
    DanProject76 said...
    I think I found you because of searching for Big Gay Weddings or something. Anyway...

    I thought Fill My Little World was the second The Feeling single? After Sewn? Or am I losing it?
    Robpop said...
    I think I might cry.
    HotstuffFiles said...
    Happy Birthday - and I love the new site (no stupid word verification!). Whoops - did I say that...!
    J'ason D'luv said...
    Happy 1 year, punk. You might not have caught it, but I mentioned Daniel Powter on mine yesterday in your honor. A post about him was the first thing you ever commented on CR about last year, just before you started your site.

    And to echo XO, when you're sleeping with boybands, hire me!
    Ruth said...
    Happy first birthday to thezapping Paul! Loved the last post (in this format!), it quite literally brought tears to my eyes! Looking forward to reading about (and of course having) many more musical adventures with you ;)
    Paul said...
    wow - thanks all :) Leon - you can list me as whatever you like :) haha. I love it when a bloke gushes over me ;)

    PPG - i will be zapping for a little while yet i imagine :)

    XO - you can be my fluffer :) And yes to champers and nibbly bits...

    DanP76 - Sewn was the first single proper :) though Fill My Little World was a limited edition release back in Nov 06...

    Robopop, don't cry. papas got a brand new bag :)

    Samuel - thank you kind sir :)

    J'Ason - wow thanks for remembering that! You are the best :)
    Adem IAR said...
    Happy Birthday and new blog, all in one! ;) xoxox
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