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Oh sweet blossom russo! I think I may delirious as I take life too serious, but lord the vapours have come over me when I heard news that Chico (CHICO!!!) might be number one this week. I don't know how the good folks over at The Bitch Factor will come... be strong guys! Now there are much finer records out this week so be wise and go and spend your pennies on this lovelies...

The Feeling ~ Sewn
Hurrah is all I can say when i heard this song was top ten bound. Its a lovely little number and I am so excited to go and see them at Birmingham Academy on Mar 12th...

The Rakes ~ All Too Human
I have been *aware* of the Rakes for a while but this is the first song that made me sit up and take notice. Its typical punky garage type rock but I am liking it...

Orson - No Tomorrow
Another *buzz* band who i have caught on to late...shame on me. Its not too dissimilar to the hundreds of other guitar/dance bands around at the moment, but i am appreciating their kookiness and hoping they will do well.

The Upper Room ~ All Over This Town
I haven't actually seen this in the shops but apparently it is out and I have loved it for long time now ;) Its all over music television too and its just a heavenly slice of indie guitar poprock.

Seems fairly indie this week, but viva the return of pop next week!


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