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This is possibly the smallest concert I have been to - certainly since me and about 50 other people went to see the magnificent Symposium at JB's in Dudley back in 1997... Bar Academy is tiny and there have to be about 45 people there including the bar staff. Most of them are about 10 years younger than my friend Ruth and I so we instantly feel old and out of place :(

Luckily that meant we were able to get up close and personal with the band and were so close to the front that we could see lead singer Emma (who is oh so pretty ~ Ruth was visibly drooling) hem coming undone on her basque! A bit of magi-hem will fix that love ;)

Even though the show was only half an hour long (!) the set was really amazing - The Modern are the shameful love child of when the Scissor Sisters had a pity shag with the Human League and I love it! The singles Jane Falls Down and Industry were brillo, but there were some other choice cuts too, especially 7 seas (?) which deserves to be number one for 4 weeks...

So electroclashpop rules and Girls Aloud fans who have outgrown Girls Aloud (can you ever outgrow Girls Aloud??) should check them out right now!


Jane Falls Down
Discotheque Francais
7 Seas
Fool In Love
Tokyo Girls


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