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What is this feeling?

Ugh :( Monday mornings are the worst aren't they? Getting up at 6am for work really is a pile of poo. But thats not what I came on here to talk about! nope, I am feeling musical this morning and wanted to tell you all about Personals which is a new musical written by the creators of Friends! Frankly, what could be better? Certainly not Joey - what a disappointment that turned out to be... The music is by some of Broadway's most successful composers - Stephen Schwarz (Wicked) and Alan Menken (beauty & the beast). The plot revolves around six lonely hearts who turn to everything from newspaper personal columns , speed dating and online profiles in their attempts to find true love. Its touring from march 11th - June 24th...

And talking of Stephen Schwartz...Wicked is one of my favourite books ever written and has just been published in Britain about 10 years after it came out in America. it tells the *true* story of the Wicked Witch of The West and is an amazing read as is the follow up Son Of A Witch (both by Gregory Maguire). Stephen and Gregory have turned the story into an amazing broadway musical that finally comes to the UK in September. Tickets go on sale Sunday! If i don't get a front row seat I will cry...!

Click here to download What Is This Feeling from Wicked. Its such a fun catchy tune about loathing - i find myself humming it all day ;)


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