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Chart Chat

Top 10 downloads since this blog started...

10 ~ Fifth Avenue, Infidelity
09~ The Feeling, Love It When You Call
08 ~ Natasha Bedingfield, The Scientist (Coldplay cover)
07 ~ The Ordinary Boys, All The Things You Said (Tatu cover)
06 ~ Bodies Without Organs, Temple Of Love (all mixes)
05 ~ Snow Patrol, Crazy In Love (Beyonce cover)
04 ~ Alexis Strum, It Could Be You
03 ~ Arctic Monkeys, Love Machine (Girls Aloud cover)
02 ~ William Young, Don't Cha (pussyflap trolls cover)
01 ~ Snow Patrol, You're All I Have

Seeing as the Patrol are so popular, i have posted a duet of theirs from their forthcoming album with Martha Wainwright called Set The Fire To The Third Bar which is too delicious to contemplate this early in the morning...

MP3: Snow Patrol/Martha ~ Set The Fire...

My top ten tunes of the week...

10 ~ The Feeling, Fill My Little World
09 ~ Deborah Gibson, Someone You Love
08 ~ Madonna, Sorry
07 ~ Corinne Bailey Rae, Put Your Records On
06 ~ Alexis Strum, Bad Haircut
05 ~ Girls Aloud, Whole Lotta History
04 ~ The Upper Room, All Over This Town
03 ~ Mohair, End Of The Line
02 ~ The Feeling, Sewn
01 ~ Bodies Without Organs, Temple of Love

I am so feeling The Feeling right now and can't wait to see them at V Festival later this year. And I don't usually like Girls Aloud ballads but WLH is just so achingly beautiful and the video brings a tear to my hardened heart. Or something. But the great news is that Alexis Strum's long awaited album is now on iTunes and Napster. Here is her version of Nothing Good About This Goodbye which Rachel Stevens did on her overlooked album Come And Get It...

MP3: Alexis Strum: Nothing Good About This Goodbye


  1. J'ason D'luv said...
    You (and xo and Joshua) should join up on Last FM. I linked it up on mine today. We can all be Last FM buddies and post crude messages to each other in the shoutbox and see what we're all listening to. Like, OMG, it'll be like we're in a sorority!

    I found a 5-track promo of Alex Strum's the first time I went to London, in '03, and "Nothing Good ABout This Goodbye" was on it. My bf loved it and it's been in his car ever since. Thanks for the reminder that I need to get my CD back from that hooker.
    xolondon said...
    Your bf was a hooker? Slut!

    I love this version of Nothing Good, though I love the other one too. The whole Strum iTunes thing sucks for Americans though.

    I will look at Last FM
    xolondon said...
    PS I think it's interesting that several of us bloggers are similar in age. I thought I was the only 30+ pop freak on the planet. How naive of me!
    J'ason D'luv said...
    He's not a hooker anymore, and we've just now got him off the smack finally.

    Well, 30 is the new 12, so there you have it.
    Paul said...
    oh xo xo xo. You should come to the clubs in Birmingham on a saturday night (you too j'ason and hooker boyfriend!) ~ I've never seen so many people over the age of 20+10 squeel with glee and run onto the dance floor whenever S Club Don't Stop Moving comes on. Its white tank tops and feather boas as far as the eye can see...

    And Mr D'Luv! Don't feel bad that your bf was a hooker. (were you his pimp?) Its good money! (er, so i'm told, ahem). I imagine it was like Pretty (Wo)Man when you met ~ him on a street corner with a safety pin holding up his pants, you in a car working out how to get "your stick into the right place" and so on. Its all so romantic.
    xolondon said...
    I. Don't. Pay. For. It. ;)

    As for Snow Patrol, that song with Martha W is the only new one I have liked thus far. It's lovely.
    Jessica said...
    Woah, synchronised posting! Didn't mean to copy you, sorry. It's a great song, though.

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