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Eyes Open

Well flap me sideways and bugger me gently ~ if i wasn't sitting flicking through the tv channels late one night this week when i came across the world exclusive video premiere of the mighty Snow Patrol's new single "You're All I Have" (out April 24th) from their new album Eyes Open which is out May 1st. 2 days before my birthday if you were thinking of getting me a gift ;) And crikey o riley, the album features a duet with Martha Wainwright called Set The Fire To The Third Bar which is so brilliant a title I may spontaneously combust. Click here to view the video for YAIH...

Mp3: Snow Patrol - You're All I Have
Bonus Mp3: Snow Patrol - Crazy In Love (Beyonce cover)

And while I'm in an indie state of mind... remember when Boy Kill Boy were going to be the next big thing??

If you haven't heard them they have kind of taken a chunk of the Kaisers tunefulness, a liver of Muse's labyrinthe prog and a bootload of Oasis gang swagger, then sledgehammered it all into the kind of ripe guitar pop gems that indie disco dancefloors were made for. Last year they released the brilliant Suzie and magnificent Civil Sin, but Back Again which came out earlier this year didn't do as well as everyone - including me - hoped. Like The Feeling they are going to release their debut single (Suzie) again in May and hopefully Britain will wake up to the fact that they are the only band with enough screamalong anthems to give the arctics a run for their money :)

Mp3: Boy Kill Boy - Suzie (demo)

Mp3: Boy Kill Boy - Civil Sin

i appreciate feedback good and bad :)


  1. J'ason D'luv said...
    Hi Paul,
    Well, I was very excited to hear the new Snow Patrol single, but it sounds a lot like this lame American band from the '90s Counting Crows. It sounds very formulaic, which is a shame. However, I'll reserve judgement til I hear the full album. Cool artwork, though. It reminds me of the cover of Suede's 1999 album Head Music. Gonna go check out the Beyonce cover now. Happy Saturday!
    Paul said...
    Hi J'Ason :) I was kinda hoping for more from la patrol but am happy enough with the single :) It will keep me tided over til the return of Keane later this year...
    xolondon said...
    That is very perceptive Jason. It also reminds me of Gin Blossoms. Oy vey. Nothing Brit about it.

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