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First of all it was absolutely freezing out last night, and for the sake of fashion and not queueing up at the coat check thingy I chose to wear something fairly summery which i forever regret because it is now 24 hours later and my nipples still haven't retracted. Plus I had to ask some random stranger if my ears were still there as I could no longer feel them :(

Then we had to wait in a long queue outside to pick up our tickets (i think this was when the majority of my nipple damage was caused!) When we finally got to the front of the line, some bloke barged past us and went to walk straight in until Beefy Bouncer Guy stopped him. He mumbled something in the bouncers ear, then turned to us and said "you think i would be able to get in my own concert" before running into the building! Shit the bed ~ it was only the bloody lead singer. I think his name is Dan. Aaah lifestyles of the rich and the famous!

Finally inside and it was the upstairs part of the venue which is quite small. We wandered around and were looking at the merchandise which consisted of two poxy tshirts - as we were the only people looking at the stand the guy asked if we were going to buy anything. I asked if he was on commission and we all had a good titter at that. Even though clearly its nowhere near anything remotely resembling humourous. But then he was replaced by some buxom wench who my friend Ruth reliably informs me had nice boobs. ooookaaaaay. But Christ on a bike! The bloke was only the drummer in the band (although i didn't realise this til he was on stage!) Aaah lifestyles of the rich and the famous! Part two.

Now the feeling may tell you that they are the return of soft rock but let me tell you, that band is full of hard rocking amigos! There certainly are similarities to maroon five which is ok by me as la cinque are one of my fave new bands of the past couple of years. But from beginning to end, The Feeling owned the stage and the crowd and every song played felt like an old favourite as was instantly catchy. I am now kvelling that I will see them at V festival and would go and see them in Wolverhampton in June but I will be on my homomoon... I have a feeling (ba dom tssk) that Fill My Little World will be released again next, but if Never Be Lonely and Love It When You Call aren't singles in the future I may die :(


I want you now/helicopter/it could have been anyone/fill my little world/rosie/never be lonely/world is in your hands/sewn/love it when you call

MP3: Love It When You Call
MP3: Never Be Lonely

These mp3s are presented so you can sample this marvelous band. Please listen and then go and buy every release they have as they are new Zappin It To Ya faves :)


  1. Anonymous said...
    by the way, its Rosé not Rosie...
    Paul said...
    duly noted :)

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