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So tonight was the night I got to see Mr A-Z play live at the Birmingham Bar Academy. I was pretty upset that I didn't get to see him play at Borders earlier in the day, as I heard it was amazing. Apparently there were about 30 people there and he did an 8 song acoustic set and then chatted with the people there. Curse my stupid equality and diversity training course at work! Still, i togged up in my best geek in the pink outfit and dragged my friend Ruthie up to the academy to get a good view...

And get a good view we did - I was able to get some really good pics as you can see... The support act was some Journey South wannabes, and I was bursting with anticipation by the time Jason came on... He just kinda meandered on stage with just a guitar and some guy playing a little bongo drum thingy. And he was utterly charming and mesmerising from the start...

He started off with Plane and then did a really great version of I'd Do Anything mixed with One Love - his song from the Gap Cd promotion he did last year... He went through most of his hits as you can see from the set list below. What doesn't come across all the time on his discs is how amazingly powerful his voice is and what great control he has over it. Halfway through You and I Both he turned into a gorgeous acoustic ballad before building it back up to a more upbeat singalong song... and during the remedy he sang it in many different styles including that of a 4 year old and that of an opera singer, which - though hilarious - was actually really good.

I was excited that he sang I'm Yours as the final song before the encore and stretched it out as long as he could. Its one of my favourite songs of his :) He came back on and apologised saying he had been told he had run out of time (stupid noise laws!) before launching into my all time fave Mraz number Life Is Wonderful. What a perfect way to finish the show - although it was clear he had intended to play Wordplay and Geek In The Pink as the final tracks but sadly wasn't allowed. Still an amazing show and I am really tempted to go and see him in Wolverhampton in May...


Plane/Anything>One Love/"I really had it made"/Please Don't Tell Her/ Curbside Prophet/You and I Both/Sleeping to Dream/"Ain't It Nice"/The Remedy/O Lover/No Doubling Back/I'm Yours

Encore: Life Is Wonderful


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