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I miss the A-teens. Yes yes we now have the marvelous new single from Maria Serneholt "That's The Way My Heart Goes" which is almost the same but not quite :( Oh well, this post is meant to be about how songs from the musicals keep invading pop groups repertoires and they fair gussy/disco them up to make them even more bop worthy than they should ever have any right to be. First up is One Night In Bangkok by A*teens from their New Arrival set a couple of years ago. I love the faux rapping, and the word Bangkok always makes me titter like a naughty schoolgirl. More to come over this week - if you know of any songs from musicals covered by popstars or even flopstars, let me know!!

A*Teens ~ One Night In Bangkok


  1. Joshua said...
    One Night In Bangkok is one of the weirdest songs ever, even as far as songs in Musicals go.

    Hope you don't forget Whitney/Cissy Houston and/or Steps singing I Know Him So Well from le same show.
    Paul said...
    Steps will indeed be my very next pop goes the musicals post!
    Nick said...
    Amy Diamond did a fairly straightforward cover of "Tomorrow" from Annie.

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