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Yesterday it was One Night In Bangkok from Chess, today its the never forgotten Steps doing I Know Him So Well from the same musical. I might have had an unhealthy obsessions with this band from about 1998-2002 so they were bound to end up on here sooner or later. This is from the Abbamania special they did, back when ITV mania shows were an original concept and not done to death. And PLEASE don't forget to check out Really Saying Something and Don't Stop The Pop this weekend for their Steps special. I am all aquiver with excitement :)

Steps ~ I Know Him So Well (from Chess)

BONUS: Steps ~ I Know Him So Well (remix)


  1. Joshua said...
    Mmm, how hot does Lee look in his medieval digs.

    I haven't downloaded the remix to hear it yet, but is it the one where they cut the pauses between some of the words to keep in time? I think it just came off as sounding too jarring, especially with the way the ballad version just languidly flows.
    J'ason D'luv said...
    Lee needs to whip it out already. The contract to reform Steps, of course.
    Really Saying Something said...
    Joshua - the vocals for the almighty mix were re-recorded ;)

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