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I first came across Nerina Pallot about 4 years ago when I saw an advert for an album in the then brilliant Heat magazine called Dear Frustrated Superstar... i was instantly enamoured with the title and chose to purchase the album based on that alone. Cut to me absolutely loving it and spending the last four years wondering why Nerina isn't a huge star in the Uk. Seriously - no clue! However with the advent of singers like KT Tunstall dominating the charts, it appears that there may be a niche for Nerina after all.

Her sophomore set Fires came out in August 2005, but is being rereleased with a bigger marketing push. On both albums she displays a powerful voice and her songs are beautifully crafted, sometimes reminding me of Tori Amos' more commercial material. I've put one track from each album up here for you to listen to - if Tori Amos and Alexis Strum had a love child, Nerina would be the result.

MP3: Jump (from Dear Frustrated Superstar)
MP3: Everybodys Going To War (lead off single from Fires)


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