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Random thoughts...

a few random thoughts from my chilly computer desk this frosty Sunday afternoon...

Wicked Watch ~ despite not getting to bed til 3am, I was up before nine to ensure I got great seats for Wicked: The Musical. I am uber-pleased with my row C front and centre seats for one of the preview performances, so I can stop going on about it for a while now ;)

Dancing On Ice ~ I am totally gay for this show. I remember sitting down 22 years ago and being totally entranced by Torville and Dean skating to Bolero and getting perfect 6.0's in the olympics. Tonights show was great - I really thought Bonnie deserved to win, but was happy with Stefan and Gaynor in the final too - I have seen a few clips on YouTube of the American finale and I may be biased but i think the skaters here just had so much more control on the ice and were trying much riskier maneouvres. Congrats to Gaynor who looked totally petrified during the Bolero skateoff, but did a better job than lovely Stefan. I hope it returns next year :)

Thanks for the love - i was super surprised and pleased to see such a big shout from Chart Rigger, who even called me a sexy Brit (sort of - i chose to read it that way ;0 ) for posting some covers, and the number of downloads has risen dramatically since he posted about them. I adore his site and read it regularly and if you're not then you should. Also Don't Stop The Pop gave me a mention, and while I don't love the new Clea song as much as they do, its certainly growing on me :) I aspire to be as brillo as those two sites. Hugs!

Crazy Lyrics Alert - finally, click here to download the new single Temple Of Love performed by Bodies Without Organs. Their debut album Prototype was one of my fave albums of last year and this new track is just as brillo. Dirrrty pop got all excited over it yester, and i think possibly misheard the lyrics?? I think they say We all WANT! LOVE! not Once love but check it out and decide for yourselves :)

ps ~ please let me know if any links aren't working and what you think of the site/songs/life :)


  1. J'ason D'luv said...
    Aw, shucks. I'm always happy to support a fellow music blogger, and it they are a sexy Brit, then all the better.

    As for Clea, I was in London when "We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off" was released last fall. My thoughts on them are kind of 'eh.'

    But, my buddy that I was walking around with, who is British, and I had this very philosophical conversation about Clea. It's not worth going into here, but it was a fun time.

    Anyway, keep up with your blog. It can be tiring sometimes, but if you keep at it, before you know it, a year has gone by and you have something to look back on and be proud of.

    Will said...
    Wow, 'Temple of Love' really is just the best thing I've heard this year!
    SteveGoesPOP! said... avid supporters of Clea, DontStopthePop! loves the amalgamation of NTyce, i5, SOAP, Ace Of Base, early PWL and of course Play in current Clea sound. So its very different to their previous output. I would really recommend their older stuff. This new a bit of a regression BUT the three of us and DontStopThePop! can't think of any current and British pop act that are doing traditional pop music. This is a sad thing and a very reason for why we support them!

    Unlike Sugababes+Girls Aloud, Clea don't seem to be attempting to be ironic or clever with their sound. For this reason, we adore them. Its cute, fluffy and pink! Which is fabulous!

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