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Something old ~ aah remember the good old days of the A*Teens. They probably still are teens while i edge ever closer to 32. Life isn't fair at times. But whenever i am blue about my age, i just pop on this slice of europop heaven from their first album of original tunes. Why this wasn't number one for 6 weeks is utterly beyond me. Hmmm
Halfway Round The World

Something new ~ Nick Lachey has recorded his new single Whats Left of Me and it has been on AOL for about a month now. Its not a million miles from the stuff he did on Soul-O which was a bit of a bomb, but i really loved that album and i kinda like this. I don't think its outstanding but its nice enough...
Whats Left Of Me

Something borrowed ~ A friend from Spain sent me the full mp3 of this song after i only had a clip of it for years :( Its Deborah Gibson singing the heck out of Streets Of London and I think it was done at a launch party for her Body Mind Soul album back in 1992. I adore this song and just hope people like it as much as I do :)
Streets Of London

Something green ~ only 15 hours til Wicked tickets go on sale! Here is another song from that brillo musical...

PS ~ thanks to Dirrrtypop for posting a link to the jaw droppingly phantasmagorical new single from Bodies Without Organs. Cheers dear!


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