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What 2004 did next...

2004 was for whatever reason the year my musical tastes started to change. No longer was pop the dominant force - cheesy adult/college rock was taking over and I was loving it! In January 2004, I happened upon tracks by four very different groups whose debut albums would become my favourite albums of that year and who would provide me with some great live shows. All 4 are rumoured to be coming back this year so I thought I would revisit some of their rarer moments while I chomp at the bit for their albums to be released...

Keane's second album Under The Iron Sea will be out in June preceded by Atlantic in April and Is It Any Wonder (presumably not the Sophie Ellis Bextor song) late in May. I often sit at the piano and play Everybody's Changing and marvel at how good it sounds (not me - the song!) every single time. Since the album they have done a few covers on the radio - i already posted With Or Without You so here is a track from last years Children In Need...

MP3: Keane - What A Wonderful World

Maroon 5 are probably my most favourite band of the four and for some reason I find Adam levine rather lovely :) I think Songs About Jane is an amazing album and I love the absolutely filthy lyrics hidden in the seemingly innocent tracks. Clutching your pillow and writhing in your naked sweat? Whats not to love??! Now they have been busy since the album - tracks with rap artists, childrens films cover versions for kiddie albums and hooking up with legends (next up - a duet with Jimmy Buffet!!) Here are a couple of the better post SAJ offerings...

MP3: Maroon 5 - Pure Imagination
MP3: Maroon 5 with Sly & The Family Stone - Everyday People

Colour me tickled pink blazer with excitement when the rather marvelous J'ason D'Luv posted about the Killers new album on the brillo chartrigger site :) I always have to support people who, like me, were raised Mormon ;) My main man B-Flo knows how to cut an anthem as much as he knows how to fill gay indie discos everywhere (All These Things... and Somebody Told Me respectively). Have chosen a demo and a cover of a Smiths song they did for Live Lounge for your perusal here:

Mp3: The Killers - Under The Gun demo
MP3: The Killers - Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself?

Finally (wow this post is going on a bit!) the Scissters! God love their acid junky college flunky dirty ghetto bastard vibe. They are the most filthy/gorgeous band I know - i still can't stop humming Laura and both times i've seen the other Jakeypoos live (shears not gyllenhall) i've had a huge smile on my face for weeks. Below are a couple of tracks that didn't make it onto the brillo debut cd:

MP3: Scissor Sisters - Electrobix
MP3: Scissor Sisters - Step Aside For The Man

Random Notes!

Quote of the week from Julie Cooper Nicholls on the OC:
"Ew oysters! I never put anything that disgusting in my mouth unless there is something in for me" My thoughts exactly...

Check out the amazing XO's Middle Eight blog site. Not only is it hilarious, but it will keep you informed of where all the good tuneage is on the blogs :) i love it!


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