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Goodies! (no not Ciara!)

Ugh, Mondays are generally a pile of steaming poo. Its back to work and there is a whole week of it ahead. I am a slave to the wage and I am not loving it. My week perked up considerably though when I got home and there were several goodies waiting for me, including this...

for some reason I am totally addicted to books whose prime audience are teenage girls. I'm not really sure what that says about me, but i know this book makes me titter nearly as much as the Georgia Nicholson series... Oo! Also in my amazon package today was this...

I loved this when it was at the cinema. I thought bits of it could have been better but overall there were some incredibly powerful moments. I seem to be going bankrupt buying dvd movies i have loved - there is almost one a week. 2 weeks ago its la Potter (harry not poor up the pipe Joey), last week SawII, next week King Kong... and I just got Just Friends and Brokeback Mountain too. Talking of dvds Darren and I watched this classic at the weekend...

I just love this film. Guy Pearce does the bitchy queen thing a little too well. I always want to watch Muriels Wedding right after. And of course it means i've been humming this little treasure all day:

MP3: Charlene - I've Never Been To Me

I finally listened to this on the way home and I am loving it...

She kind of reminds me of Amy Studt who was meant to be the next big thing a few years back. Any one remember her? She was doing ok with Just A Little Girl and Under The Thumb but then blew it with a dire cover of Sheryls All I Wanna Do. Hopefully poor labelless Alexis will do better. This track is a kicker!

MP3: Alexis - Alright

Bonus MP3: Amy Studt - Under The Thumb

Plus! my front and centre tickets arrived for this little marvel. I could not be more excited!!

I know I am going to blub like a little baby girl when this song ends the first act:

MP3: Defying Gravity

Well, thats me done for now. Hope to hear from you all soon. PS! Check out this rather funky blogsite TipTopPop for some ace Maria Serneholt downloads. Loves it!


  1. xolondon said...
    You have Cocoon?! I think we may have to engage in a poolside catfight over that! I may rip off your wig. Anyhoo, all I have is Bad Haircut, World Without..., It Could Be You and now this...

    How is the song about summer?

    As for the B'way song, remember the stupid rumors that Madonna was calling her CD "Defying Gravity"?
    Paul said...
    I will definitely have to post more cocoon tracks as i tend to do really badly in catfights. Please don't rip off my wig as i already have a bad haircut (see what i did there...)

    I do remember the *alleged* madonna cd Defying Gravity. I thought it was kind of a cool name for a cd. I am easily pleased though :)
    xolondon said...
    I'm going out my head trying to work out when you will post those tracks. :)

    Other topic? When will you do a Zappin remix of Boy Toy's new Orange track?
    Paul said...
    well i don't want to be responsible for *bad head* so you should enjoy todays post!

    I love the idea of a Zappin Dazpanteloons remix :)

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