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I so need to do a post about the brilliance of some choice American shows, but for right now its about the best Britain has to offer... and I couldn't kick start with any other show than the mighty Footballers Wives

Footballers Wives (or FoBo Hos as I call it) has been on for five years now and has exceeded in being crazy tasteless and brilliant in one fell swoop. There have been burnt boobies, nurses sexually pleasuring coma patients, OTT weddings, switched and suntanned babies, murders, affairs and of course Tanya Turner Laslett Gates Turner Federico. The quality of the series has only dipped when she left in year four. Sob. But shes back, crazy eyes and press on nails with her and to up the genius factor, the producers have pitched her as a love rival for Joan Collins toyboy. Cue catfights, evil glances and cocaine sniffed from a finger nail. Marv. Check out this brilliant tanya turner LGTF myspace site for more insanity...

Ps ~ I was convinced that Callum (and I love how the producers make them wear the most outlandish *fashions*!) was formerly one fifth of brillo boy band V (now sadly missed) ~ But i was wrong. Darn.

Right - segueing directly from Footballer's Wives to Strictly Dance Fever. you'll see why soon. SDF is like the dance version of pop idol - clueless and talented people audition to win a dance contract and £50,000. Last night was the first night of the second season, so kicked off with auditions and of course the best thing about these are the people who are completely rubbish but think they are brillo. Like the guy who did a John Travolta esque dance move 21 times in a row and then when didn't get through told the camera he would soon lead a Broadway revival of Saturday Night Fever. yes dear, possibly in your mind while you are strapped down in the looney bin... It should be rubbish of course, but somehow its utterly compulsive and addictive and the perfect show to watch while getting ready to go out on a saturday night. The FoBo Hos connection?

Ben Miller who plays Bruno Milligan of the show is one of the judges as he has a background in West End shows, including fact fans, playing Kenickie opposite Deborah Gibson in Grease. Brill! I can't wait to pass judgement on the final 10 contestents when they are revealed on Easter Saturday. Which happens to be on right before the second season premiere of...

Doctor Who! you will find it listed under QUALITY in the dictionary. The first season, currently airing on SciFi in the States, was the shot in the arm the franchise needed and was amazingly solid all the way through. Who knew Billie- soon-to-be-in-Cabaret-Piper had such acting chops? The Christmas Special which introduced David *Barty Crouch Jr* Tennant as the good doctor flowed so seamlessly that the 4 month wait for second season proper has been pretty intolerable. But its back! And you can view the second season trailer here.


  1. Will said...
    OMG Footie Wives, Dr Who, V (I Miss them :() how many more great things can you get into one post!

    I was a bit disturbed by the whole Eva De Woolfe storyline come the end of this weeks episode!
    Paul said...
    me too! I was so sad that Tanya and Eva had a fight next to a swimming pool and neither of them fell in. Very poor show :( Am troubled and concerned about Paulo having shagged his *mother* - is it incest? Was Dennis and Sharon in Eastenders? I guess the whole picture of Joan Collins naked is a grey area. Titter
    xolondon said...
    Don't forget the inter-sexed baby! :)

    In America, we are way back at the ep where Frank L dies! Tanya is a bitch goddess.

    I take it Harley is not in the new eps? What about his wife that I cannot understand? Do the Brits even know what that chick is saying?!

    I don't understand the barty crouch stuff. Too Briddish for me!
    Paul said...
    XO! I didn't want to give too much away _ Shannon is still in and boinking the guy i thought was in V :) There is a typically brillo story where his mom resents his relationship with Shannon so pretends she is dying of cancer. She is typical chav (trailer trash).

    I think we lost Harley to the British Buffy (HEX)

    Barty Crouch Jr is the character David Tennant played in the latest Harry Potter movie. And there is a brilliant article in one of the sunday tabloids here about how Billie Piper watches dirty porn to get herself worked up and isn't averse to a lesbian threesome. Something Deep Inside indeed.
    Adrian said...
    "Every dog needs a lamp-post to piss against"


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