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Lets flash back to August 2005 ~ here is what i wrote on a forum back then...

The Sun Alway Shines On V ~ a V festival report by thezapping

" ~ Ah, the old V musical festival. I was particularly excited about it this year as two of my favourite acts were playing. More on that later... My friend Ruth and I were there from Friday night til this morning (monday) and I will just go through some of the stand out moments of the weekend. And yes it was glorious weather. It wasn't til it had all finished that the heavens opened...

Things I Learned on Friday...

~ sitting in traffic waiting to get in to the car park and watching some girl in the car next to us do horse impressions When they wound down the window and asked me to do one, rather mortifyingly a mooey-neigh came out Horse-cow was born...
~ it was a twenty minute trek from the car to the camp site and we foolishly chose to carry our back packs, tent, cooler, sleeping bags, booze and pillows in one setting. I felt like a pack mule which is probably one up from being a horse-cow...
~ got a lovely little spot and set up our tent and sat around drinking wine out of a plastic cup...

Things I Learned on Saturday...

~El Presidente are not as rubbish as I initially thought
~Tony Christie can rock a festival like no other crooner and although his beatles medley was fab, every wanted The Way to Amarillo. We weren't disappointed
~I can be funny When a little child let go of her helium horse balloon, I commented to the drunk girl next to me as it floated high in the sky ~ "see, that's what happens when you piss Madonna off"
~Joss Stone is as rubbish as i thought and I am a more giving person than i thought for graciously allowing Ruth to sit through such self inflated ego-osity
~You should always get to the second stage early as The Ordinary Boys rocked the fest but i was no where near the front to Joss Stone
~Festival toilets are vile I was right to take immodium plus before i went, although tragically i have still yet to become unblocked. That can't be good and TMI!
~Sometimes when you think a band are going to be absolutely brilliant they sadly aren't and don't woo the crowd. Apart from Take Me Out being totally electric, the rest of Franz Ferdinands set wasn't and they seemed as bored as the crowd cos they finished 10 minutes early. Rude!
~The Scissor Sisters can save a festival and did a corkingly party atmospherical 90 minute set that was brilliant.
~The Scissor Sisters new songs (everyone wants the same thing, paul mccartney and hell baby) are equally as brilliant as anything they have done before.
~The Scissor Sisters will have a 9 week thezapping number one if they lead off their new album with a track called I Don't Care ("i don't care if you live or die, though you'll probably get to heaven you will bang your head and cry")
~I Don't Care is the best song Abba never wrote.
~When you find a mouse in your tent it is probably wise not to scream at the top of your voice and then for some queer reason throw your flashlight across the campsite ruining someones pot noodle.

What I Learned on Sunday...

~The line up was better than Saturdays and that was pretty fab.
~Tom Baxter is much foxier in person than ever anticipated and on the smaller stage I was able to be near the front.
~Tom Baxter should be the next James Blunt.
~The Magic Numbers are the mamas and papas for the new millenium.
~The Magic Numbers were the second biggest draw of the festival and are the most perfect band to listen to in the sun with a cold beer in your hand
~Love Me Like You Do is so deserving of its place at the top of thezapping chart that its not even funny.
~KT Tunstall is Ruths new celebrity crush.
~The Other Side Of The World by the aforementioned KT is achingly beautiful live
~The Zutons are homophobic morons I have deleted their mp3s from my computer. Who cares if mark from Westlife is gay???
~The Kaiser Chiefs may be a singles band, but boy do their singles rock! Oh My God, I Predict A Riot and Everyday I Love You Less and Less turned even the most indifferent of watchers into crazy mofos. Or something?
~Maroon 5 rock whatever.
~Adam Levine was ill but still put on a freaking amazing show
~When Adam Levine flirts with audience members he does it with men and women.
~This Love still sounds spine tinglingly super live"

Mp3s inspired by V festival 05...

Scissor Sisters _ Everyone wants the same thing (live)
Tom Baxter - This Boy

Now click here to see who will be playing at V Festival 2006. Colour me excited with anticipation! The Feeling! Sugababes!! Bic Runga!! The Editors!! Keane!! The Magic Numbers!!! Girls Aloud!!! I am practically expostulating! And talking of Girls Aloud, a camera crew have been following their every move and the results airs on E4 next tuesday

I love me some warts and all documentarys...


  1. Ruth said...
    Hi Paul! You just took me right back to V last year with that post - I laughed out loud! Good times ;) Can't wait for this year and expect to be just as entertained by your antics, not to mention the bands...(lol) Hope the tooth feels better soon! xxx
    Mason Library said...
    Great minds think alike - I posted on Tom awhile back.

    I see now I was a bit hard on him, but This Boy is LOVELY and the video is lush.
    Paul said...
    Tom was very good live and kind of won me over even though it did make me miss the first few minutes of the magic numbers who rule the school... talking of which, their music is so summery that today i had to play them in the car as the sun was out for the first time proper this year! I totally thought of you Ruthie!!
    xolondon said...
    Hey Paul - I made a mistake with that login - that was actually me, xolondon. Sorry!
    Paul said...
    Mason Library... i like it. Is that the name you use when committing fraud? ;)

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