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Here at Zappin' It To Ya we have an unspoken but deep admiration for the marvelous website known as Arjan Writes. The guy tirelessly puts cool new music to stream/guilt free download as well as gushing over marvy new videos by nelly furtado, and we all love a bit of that...

Plus if you nip over to this link right now, not only do you get to see this supercute guy but you can donate to the up keep of the site and receive a lovely arjanwrites tee shirt. Marvelous! Go there! NOW!!!


  1. J'ason D'luv said...
    xolondon said...
    owch! :) $25 is a bit steep.
    Paul said...
    yeah, i tapped out at $24.99 myself but i pride myself on being cheap :)
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