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Random thoughts

This is my 75th post and as i search for inspiration for the next 75, here are a few random musings...

Slice Watch Part Two~
Darren is home, tired and looks dog rough, but home :) I had to change his bandage today and being the squeamish hamish that i am, i nearly threw up when i saw the staples, but like a brave little soldier i muddled on!

Date Watch!
My lovely friend Ruthless has a new bird in the hand (and two in the bush ruth??!) called Lou who i have yet to meet but the phonecam pic Ruthiepoos showed me is lovely. My question is, when Ruth tells me she had fish fingers and wine on her date (!) is that a lesbian metaphor???

Walk Watch!
I am offended or pleased that one of friends said i don't mince, i'm more of a sashay-er?? I thought i was more of a grab the one you love and shimmy :)

Email Watch!
Zapping' It To Ya is now contactable ~ email requests, mp3s, gossip to - also email if you want to be put on the mailing list so you get emailed every time i update, and some little extras too ;)

What mp3 share site do people prefer? Is rapidshare too tempermental for most people? Zshare? You send it? lemme know :)


  1. Jessica said...
    Use Filelodge like me - it's the best cos it gives you unlimited space and you don't have to click through a million other sites to get your song.
    Ruth said...
    I'll have you know that we really did have fish finger sandwiches (i had peas on mine - shockingly nice!) and red wine a combination which I would recommend and cannot understand why it's not served in all the best resuraunts! ;)
    Paul said...
    oh ruthie! Don't try and downplay your filthy lesbian sex afternoon :) How that comment made me laugh out loud!!
    Robpop said...
    DontStopthePop also uses filelodge-thanks jess-and theres only been 1 hiccup. Its really easy to use for both downloaders and uploaders.

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