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I'm Down With OPP

Each Monday for 3 weeks from the 22nd May 2006 there is an album released that I am highly anticipating:

May 22nd - Fundamental -Pet Shop Boys

I really can't say anymore about this album that hasn't been said more elegantly here and here. But if anyone has the Le Sport track "I Wish Neil Tennant Was My Lover" please email it to me at - and good news I'm With Stupid is set to debut top ten on Sunday
UPDATE: 12 May - click here to be taken to a rather summery post by Will with the strawberry sauce on his ice cream sundae being the PSB mix of I'm With Stupid. Marv. Obv.

May 29th - Other People's Problems -The Upper Room

All Over This Town and Black&White are two of my fave songs of the year so far so I have high hopes for this album. Plus B&W is set to debut top twenty this Sunday which i am mildly disappointed with as it is clearly a gorgeous tune :(

June 5th - 12 Stops and Home - The Feeling

My fave new band of 06. I have a lot of tracks from this album and i really think Fill My Little World (not Hole as i erroneously told someone at work! Yikes) will launch them into the guilty pleasure stratosphere... Now I am still searching for an mp3 of their live lounge take on Dr Beat... Any takers?

UPDATE: download snippets of every album track from the feeling in one bite sized MP3 here!


  1. J'ason D'luv said...
    Great news about the Pets! Where's it at in midweeks, pray tell? I did my duty and ordered both the CD and DVD singles from Amazon UK. I had 'em sent to my parents' house in PA, as I'm flying to visit for a week on Friday, and apparently the CD single already arrived there! My mom threatened to take it out and play it while she washed dishes, thereby getting fingerprints all over it... the wasp! I threatened to cancel my trip if she did. That showed her.
    Paul said...
    ooo the nerve of some mothers. Mine once threatened to rip my Dynasty photoalbum in half! Whats that all about??

    PSB are currently 7 in the midweeks. I'm pleased and relieved...
    xolondon said...
    Go PSB!!!!

    I love that Upper Room cover b/c in case you didn't know, that is the UK map!

    (at least I think so. ya'll get picky about Ireland, British Isles, etc and we Amurrrricans don't know 'bout that stuff)
    Paul said...
    and our fair nation sure does look purdy all in green... check out the psb maxi mix link too i have now added... And of course thanks to XO for pointing out the UR album cover to me in the first place. Ta geeza

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