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The Zappin' It To Ya Top 21 Tunes of The Week

21 ~ The Ordinary Boys ~ 9to5
20 ~ Girls Aloud, Whole Lotta History
19 ~ Mohair, End Of The Line
18 ~ The Upper Room, All Over This Town
17 ~ The Feeling, Fill My Little World
16 ~ Nelly Furtado, Maneater
15 ~ Keane, Is It Any Wonder?
14 ~ Maria Serneholt, Thats The Way My Heart Goes
13 ~ Jason Mraz, Did You Get My Message
12 ~ Mohair, Keep It Together
11 ~ The Click Five, Catch Your Wave
10 ~ Pet Shop Boys, I'm With Stupid
09 ~ Erasure, Boy[acoustic]
08 ~ Robbie Williams, Sin Sin Sin
07 ~ The Feeling, Sewn
06 ~ Shayne Ward, No Promises - guilty pleasure!!
05 ~ The Upper Room, Black and White
04 ~ William Young, Who Am I
03 ~ Bodies Without Organs, Temple of Love
02 ~ Dangerous Muse, Rejection
01 ~ Bodies Without Organs, We Could Be Heroes

I am in love with the Bodies Without Organ Halcyon Days cd... Here are some other bits and bobs for ya!

~ Slap me cos i think i like the new Ronan Keating single. Its a duet with Kate Rusby who has a sweet voice that brings the track alive for me in a way Leann couldn't on her duet with him. This may replace Shayney boy as my new guilty pleasure...

MP3: All Over Again

~ This post updated with a new MP3 of album snippets from The Feeling's forthcoming debut set and a link to Will's lovely summery post with a PSB mix of I'm With Stupid :)

~ Was going to write about Men Women and Children but the charming folks at IndieGirl/PopBoy beat me to it :( Read it here and download a track below...
MP3: Dance In My Blood


  1. J'ason D'luv said...
    Why not still write about it? No one really cares who does what first, kitten.
    Paul said...
    maybe i will (scratches chin thoughtfully yet in a manly fashion) maybe i will...
    xolondon said...
    I used to like Ronan, but now he just covers other people. His nude pic on PJ was not all that!

    My guilty pleasure is a love for Brian Kennedy - I even saw him live!
    Pop Boy said...
    Thanks for the link/mention.

    That album hasn't been off my CD Player all week. Such an amazing album. A culumination of so many good things.

    'Dance In My Blood' and 'Messy' are stand out highlights though.

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