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In concert, the upper room are just lovely. They certainly fair well in the intimate acoustic setting of Birmingham's Bar Academy (where The Modern and The Feeling played a few months back) and hopefully when they return to Birmingham they will have upgraded to the Carling Academy next door...

The crowd certainly was appreciative of the band who played a decent sized set and i imagine most of it will appear on their debut album 'Other People's Problems' which i am eagerly anticipating on May 29th (that will make up for the cack single Keane release the same day. Knobbos)...


  • Combination
  • Girl
  • All over this town
  • Kill Kill Kill
  • Your Body
  • The Centre
  • Never Come back
  • Portrait
  • Once for me
  • I will follow
  • Black and White

Finishing with the gorgeous Black and White highlights just how lovely their new single is... As someone who could only hook his man via an insalubrious internet site knows, first impressions are everything and when you're ploughing straight into a tune with something as beguiling and lovely as
"I met her on the shelter we were hiding from the rain/She was blowing bubbles and i'll never feel the same/ Pain pain pain pain pain pain"
then it's pretty likely that no listener is going to excuse themselves after one drink, metaphorically speaking ;) What follows is a perfect exercise in charming British pop, calling to mind the likes of Squeeze, Stephen Duffy (who i just got into thanks to XO) and Pulp, with an absolute doozy of a summer chorus and GIGANTIC HIT if there's any justice in the world (lemar version not james blunt cover) rubber stamped all over its rump. Just gorge. Buy it here

MP3: BlackandWhite original version
MP3: In Love We Trust


  1. xolondon said...
    Okay, that is a major scoop on their album title and date! Do you need the bsides from the last single? I have em. They're good!
    xolondon said...
    His voice sounds totally different on the full version! It's much deeper and throatier here.

    One worry though, his vocals are BURIED in the mix! Is this the version that will appear on the CD? I think I prefer the acoustic...
    Paul said...
    I have the bsides from All Over This Town. In Love We Trust is the bside to B&W and the version here is the original version they recorded before they got a record contract - not the one that is currently wowing radio. But my fave is the acoustic version which was the one they played at the concert. Still, i think even on their slightly messily mixed self produced version presented here, the beauty of the song still shines thru...

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