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Oh dear god...

sometimes quite by accident you come across the most brilliant new songs and bands ever and can't wait to share them with the world. This is not one of those time viewers and i urge you to proceed with caution. After reading Entertainment Weekly's (the worlds best magazine) write up on the where are they now idols (i'm sure Justin Guarini is still hawking his From Justin to Kelly2 script - but no! He has a new album on iTunes wannabe Burnlounge!! Bloody Nora!), i thought 'ya know what? I kinda liked Jon Peter Lewis from season 3 - he kinda reminded me of a rather dishevelled mormon missionary so i'll check out his website. Except i never abbreviate words like kind of to kinda because i am known for giving good diction and excellent oral skills :)

And bugger me gently, if he isn't still making music "his way" which rather disappointingly isn't very good. I'm not even sure what he reminds me of - i think the love child of Huey Lewis and David Sneddon, which just makes me want to curl up in a ball and find a happy place (the Blossom beach blanket storyline is always a winner!). And look - he's clearly a serious musician cos he's playing a guitar in his picture. The Grammys surely will be calling soon???

MP3: JPL-Stories From Hollywood

And while i did a websearch for Mr JPL someone completely different popped up! Little Jamie Shaw - the slightly bent one from popstars the rivals desperados One True Voice!!!

Clearly Mr Shaw has gotten over Shakespeare's Way With Words and gone all rawknroll as there are screaming guitar licks all over this Son of Dork reject song. Am i being too harsh with these two? Is my bitterness with the world blinding me to their talents? Let me know dear reader, let me know...(note~ it can't be that harsh; i just read that Different has been out since 9/05 and its hardly set the world on fire has it??)

MP3: JS-Different


  1. xolondon said...
    Oh I hate that JPL boy. I put him in the same category as Taylor, though at least Taylor could sing on a cruise ship to old ladies. They eat that shit like Muesli.
    Paul said...
    i am so going to use that last phrase in a sentence at work tomorrow.

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