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The Bishops second single (check out my post about their first one here) The Only Place I Wanna Look Is Down is quite literally a shoe gazing slice of ToeRag Studios twiddled piece of retro-rock and is like something freshly pinched out of the Nuggets boxset, dusted down and plugged into a dodgy looking socket. Stand back cos sparks fly on this great track. The Brothers Bishop (plus unrelated drummer) harmonise until the cows come home and you can just see their mop tops shake throughout this short but sweet 2 min15sec of Beatles vs. Who mayhem. By the end yo'll be gagging to wear a mini skirt and back comb your hair. Even if you're a fella ;)

Check out the their website here
Listen to their new single on myspace here (where you can still download Menace About Town if you're quick!)


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