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What A Way With Words

While I was strolling to get my sunday cup of White Chocolate Mocha Venti no whipped cream extra shot of expresso, I saw a couple of exciting things plastered up around Birmingham city centre. First up was an advert for a new band called Hot Club De Paris - and having checked out their myspace site subsequently, its hard not to get a frisson of excitement about the new bad boys of rock... They have a slatned and enchanting punk pop barbershop vice going on. They are a three piece from Liverpool and I don't really know much more about them than that other than they have signed to hop indie label Moshi Moshi and their first single is the snappily titled "sometimesitsbetternottostickbitsofeachotherinto eachotherforeachother" which is on their myspace site now. Good thing the club is hot cos the boys soytenly ain't!

Then as i passed by Borders I noticed that the lovely Nerina Pallot is doing an instore appearance there next week. I am really pleased that she is starting to gather a following in this country (read my previous post here) and I will definitely be at the store cheering her on ;)

MP3: Everybodys Going To War (from fires)
MP3: Jump (from Dear Frustrated Superstar)

Finally I noticed that Sandi Thom is playing at the glee club practically opposite my house soon. I don't know much about her, but her catchy and fun jangly guitar single I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker is all over music television and I can't stop humming it! You can hear it at her website here - although ironically the single seems to be lamenting the days when music mattered and radio was king.

MP3: I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker...

Its amazing what you learn getting coffee!


  1. Ruth said...
    Hello! Have just listened to this and now I can't stop singing it either! The date for Glee club gig isn't on her website - If I'm not working - I'll come! :)
    Paul said...
    Its May 23rd, then at Borders the very next day! - Ruthless! Always good to see you :) Or were you talking about Sandi Thom? Now I am confused, Clarification please my fish finger licking friend ;)
    Ruth said...
    I'm working 23rd and 24th so no Narina for me :( I did mean Sandi Thom do you have the dates for her gig? Is so long ago that we went to our last gig and look how far they (The feeling) have come since then! :)
    Paul said...
    Ruthless we will be back gigging with the tweenage set and feeling our age before we know it!

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