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I just can't quite get over the disappointment that has encapsulated me ever since i heard the dirge that Keane vomited up as the first tracks from their once eagerly antiskipatulated second album Under The Iron Sea. Now as they were one of my favourite bands of 2004, I am not quite willing to write them off just yet, but in the mean time there are several other bands who have come out with beautiful heartfelt music that Keane really should be doing. One of course is the upper room who i have previously written about here and here and they are the band that has of course got XO expostulating all over his computer here.

Another is The Feeling which was one of my very first blogs back in the day (ok February) and have popped up a few times since then too! I posted this song Strange before, but I re-listened to it today since it popped up on the Popjustice chart of truth and I like it a lot more each time i listen to it. It has this gorgeous plainative piano intro before the drums kick in at the chorus. It's more like Sewn than Fill My Little World (my fave song so far this year) but my anticipation for the album is now sky high!

MP3: The Feeling - Strange

Quick couple of random thoughts :

  • Since posting Nerina yesterday I have been listening to Everybodys Going To War and loving it more with each listen. It could indeed be challenging Upper Room Black&White for my song du jour! Check out the fabbo video here
  • And a big THANKS to Mr Bear born 1970 who sent me the Le Sport song i requested a few posts back! I love it - and it aids with my eagerness to get my mitts on the new Pet Shop Boys album :) Now all i need to find is Maroon 5 singing Lovely Day from the Hoot soundtrack ;)

MP3: Le Sport - If Neil Tennant Was My Lover


  1. xolondon said...
    I learned the art of expostulating at a young age and am now a master of that domain.

    I feel bad for dissing your fave song of the year, but I do genuinely like this song Strange, so maybe that is my window - no, back door! - into The Feeling.

    Which one is married to La Bex?
    xolondon said...
    Back a moment later to say I more than like this song, esp the tinkly piano in the final minute. The ooohs are nice too. Gold stars for the Feeling.

    Don't like their CD cover though! Odd.
    Paul said...
    ooo i am so feeling your gold stars for the feeling. I believe the one second from right is Mr Sophie Ellis Bextor. There is a great interview in the new Word magazine that outs Mr Dan Gillespie Sells as a big mox :O Shocker!
    xolondon said...
    BTW I change my mind about the Feeling's album cover b/c they changed the cover. I saw another version that had no real art on it.

    What is a big mox? That is one of yer durned Briddish phrases.
    bulldoggy said...
    Wow...My first...(indirect) blog contribution...(sniff) Gimme a minute....OK, I'm better :) It was my pleasure. In fact, your asking for it is what made me look for it, so we both won ;) However, I'll certainly not be angry if you decide to toss a Mrs. Robinson - Career Girl (or any other good track off the album that you may have changed your opinion on...). Or 2wo Thrd3! Anyone holdin' some 2wo third3? Or Frank! I'm anxious to hear Frank! Shuttin up now...

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