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Season Bore?

As the 2005/06 season draws to a close, it occurs to me that season 4 of a show is often a curse but luckily one that leads to a revitalised story if its lucky enough to get to the 5th year. Buffy was brilliant up until the dodgy Initiative storyline that drove the fourth season, but got amazing from season 5 onwards. Similarly the incredibly written Gilmore Girls suffered in the fourth season when Rory went to college but has been on a creative high since then. Smallville completely lost its way in year four but has rebounded this year... so what has scored with me and what has bored me this season...

The Great:

Second seasons of mystery dramas of Lost, Desperate Housewives and the criminally underviewed Veronica Mars rocked my world. All - but especially Lost - continue to be frustrating and brilliant in equal measures, but there is no way I won't be tuning in for their third seasons....

The Good:

Grey's Anatomy really hooked me in and continues to remind me of Ally McBeal if she had taken a different career path. Prison Break is clearly the most ludicrous show on tv but if you just go with it, its actually compulsive addictive tv. Gilmore Girls I continue to be in love with and is the most snappily written pop culture referencing show on the box.

The Struggling:

Sticking with them out of loyalty really, I felt Everwood suffered the season four curse this year and wasn't up to the high quality of previous seasons (and please this show should so be on CBS on a saturday night) and The OC is still struggling with too many repeat storylines. As its due to head into season four, things don't look good...

The Bad:

Oh Matt LeBlanc - first your marriage and then your show falls apart. What were you thinking????

Don't forget Big Brother 7 starts on Thursday - bookmark this page!


  1. xolondon said...
    Lost has been too focused on the new people, none of whom I like (except the African one) and most of whom I was right not to like.

    Do you know which OC star is going to die this week? I do!!

    Fire Joey and make the show about his agent, played by Jennifer Coolidge.
    humanclay said...
    i totally agree with you about Veronica bride and i dismissed it the first season and kicked ourselves in the ass all this season for missing what might be the best half-comedy/half-drama on television today...the fact that they aren't pulling in every body in their timeslot is nothing short of a travesty...i look on the bright side though that UPN (or now The CW) at least has the faith in the show to let it continue to grow and become more amazing and not kill it off without reason (ala My So Called Life/Joan Of Arcadia/Wonderfalls)

    to anyone who hasn't watched this brilliant show...DO IT NOW
    Paul said...
    i worship at the altar of Veronica Mars and it has filled the void for me for smart teen dramedy since Buffy vacated the airwaves. I am a little behind (as its second season hasn't aired in Britain yet but i downloaded it and have the last few to watch).

    I'm also behind with the OC so no spoilers yet for me! Someone dies! NOOOOO! Well if its Marissa that is A OK.

    And Lost i struggled with for the first 7 eps but i just love the show so perservered and i think its back on form.

    PS SOOOOO agree about the MARV JC in Joey. TAlk about when bad shows happen to good people...
    xolondon said...
    I'd just like to add that I had an "encounter" with Drea De Matteo in the Baltimore trains station a couple of years ago when I was coming home to DC from work. It was her banana juicy couture tracksuit and REAL Louis Vuitton bas that made her stand out. Along with the "ohmygodishelookingatme" face she made.

    Viva Adriana Le Cervo!

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