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More MySpace Marvels...

What else can a guy do on holiday apart from browse for new myspace bands while sunning himself by the pool?? This is what I came up with...


Shiny Toy Guns are from Los Angeles and have this amazing front woman who commands the stage just like Shirley Manson from Garbage did. Unlike Garbage, however, they have this incredibly inventive use of synthesizers which produces a rather crazy sound. If you check out the tracks on their myspace page, you will see what I mean. Chatter in the caff says that they are fantastic live because they put so much energy and emotion into their music.

MP3: Shiny Toy Guns~You Are The One


Seattle's Danger Radio remind me of a pre Thriller era Michael Jackson (anyone else remember when MJ comparisons used to be a compliment??!) crossed with Panic! At The Disco. Which can clearly only be a good thing... They are very reminiscent of a 70s pop which puts a refreshing and new twist on the well used emo/punk pop formula. Don't be put off by the singers high pitched voice - it's not nasally so it doesn't grate as much as I feared :) You can listen to their music on their myspace site but my favourite has to be Groovin'. Catch them now so that when they are huge you can say you were there at the start...

MP3: Danger Radio~Groovin'


I know I have written about them before but I think they have a strangely brilliant name for a band. They have this whole Modern English collides with modern rock sound thing going on that is unusually polished and stands out above other wannabe I Love The 80s synth riff bands emerging since the success of The Killers. Debut single Paralyzed does evoke the neo new wave of said Killers and Franz but others including a great ballad Are You Nervous? and 'prominently used on the OC' Hideaway are in the arena rattling vein of u2. Or probably the future disappointing direction of Keane. (BOOO!) Still for now, dance rock rules!

MP3: Rock Kills Kid~Paralysed
MP3: Rock Kills Kid~Hideaway


  1. J'ason D'luv said...
    Shiny Toy Guns have a really great song called "Rainy Monday!" By all means, it should be a hit, and it's hard to believe no major label has shown interest in them yet. I saw them at the Viper Room in February '05, and wrote a review of it.
    Jan said...
    I love these new bands, thanks! And it looks like you had a blast on your vacation, good for you.
    Paul said...
    J'ason i swear I am you but just five minutes too late. First i take your holiday then your exclusive band ;) Sheesh!!

    Jan - vacation (all i ever wanted) was lots of fun and more holiday diaries to come. Back to work today which just about makes me want to vomit ;) :(
    Jan said...
    Well, it is always better on holiday, and we only work when we need the money. That's all I got in for lyric quotes.

    My work sucks too. When I was in school, I remember sitting at math class and thinking I'd happily do anything for a living, even toilet cleaning, as long as it didn't involve math. Guess what I do now? Accounting and billing. Aaaah. Headphones + good music is the only way I survive.

    Update on Rock Kills Kid: I had to get more of their stuff. I get the same Modern English vibe, and I love it. I always say I listen to the same old stuff I listened to when I was 13, or to new stuff that sounds remarkably like the stuff I listened to at that time.
    Paul said...
    jan - i think i have to get RKK album as i can't stop playing their songs... i love me some nostalgia music thats new at the same time :)
    Cash said...
    Thanks for the Shiny Toy Guns tip. I heard them on a Depeche Mode tribute album, doing an amazing version of Stripped that's almost better than the original. I'm definitely checking out their album now! I posted a lil Rock Kills Kid review (of their e.p.) here if anyone wants to check it out!

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