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I was never overly in love with Rooster, but they were always ok. They tried to do what The Feeling are currently doing which is bring an unashamed love of 70/80s rock back into the charts. Only they didn't do it as well as the Feeling but they did have a couple of nice singalong hits a year or so back.

And now they are back, but i was shocked to see that lead singer Nick has only gone and done a Rob Thomas on our asses and shaved his wavey locks off a la Glyn from Big Brother. And frankly - like anyone who had a bit of a mullet - he looks a lot better for it. Their new single Home is out on July 10th and sounds a lot like their early single Staring At The Sun which i quite liked so maybe i will download it. For now you can listen to it at their official website :)


  1. J'ason D'luv said...
    Much cuter with the shorter hair!

    By the way, yesterday we found a clip of La Debz zappin' it to us "live" on TOTP from '89.

    Remember when teenager stars looked like teenagers, and not strippers?
    Paul said...
    ah yes innocent deb, obv before the days of playboy. I know all the dance moves to that clip. And much cuter Rooster with short hair - that is why i am growing mine before the wedding so when i have it cut and styled on the day everyone will realise how stunning i really am ;)
    J'ason D'luv said...
    The whole reason for finding La Debzappin' on YouTube was because Shazzle pointed out that the choreography in the "We're All In This Together" closing scene of High School Musical is v. similar to that in the "Electric Youth" video. Meanwhile, your mailbox will most likely be getting a little more adolescent sometime this weekend!

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