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Cover Girl

Well, i woke up on this fine Wednesday morning to find two emails in my inbox alerting me to two mp3s currently floating on the "net" by the lovely and ubiquitous Lily Allen:

My good buddy XO tracked down Lily's cover of The Kooks Naive that i blogged about in the post below this one! Click here to go to his site and download it...

Jess who runs Dirrrty Pop and Into The Groove and who made me really want to do my own blog by making hers so fabbity fab has Lily doing Kaiser Chiefs Oh My God. Just genius.

plus i am now using rapidshare and ezarchive so i'll post songs from both - hopefully that will help. Try them out here and let me know!


  1. Jessica said...
    Glad you liked it! I found the Louise Rennison book for half price in Borders so that was a bit exciting. Can't read it yet cos I have so many other books on the go but I keep sneaking a look at the acetastic cover and looking forward to when I can read it.
    Paul said...
    i am now about halfway through and utterly loving it. There are so many things in it that have made me laugh! Do not read it on the train to work or you will look utterly bonkersnosity :)

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