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First off, there was the very heartbreaking tv interview with Cat Deeley. Then today, kylie sold out 6 dates at Wembley Arena in just an hour, ensuring that over 60,000 people will ring in the new year with her. I am so thrilled with kylie's recovery and wish her all the best for the future - i can only hope and suspect that a new single will precede the tour and claim the Christmas number one slot in December...

from the "before the zapping blogspot" vaults, here is my review of the Showgirl tour, which remains the very best concert I ever went to...

Kylie Minogue ~ The Showgirl Tour 2005 Birmingham NEC ~ April 15th

I just got back from La Minogue concert and wanted to get down some of my thoughts before they fade from my mind This was so much more than a concert ~ from the moment the lights went up on the elaborate stage set i knew it was gonna be something special. Although i did feel a twinge of sadness thinking i wish i could see Deb doing this now... but anyway...

there was so much going on on the stage that it was a little bit like the start of Moulin Rouge. You have to go with it or get completely confused. Each set of songs was done as an act on its own ~ each with its own theme and costumes. The lighting was great, the dancers fantastic and the video screen at the back of the stage flashed every image conceivable from Kylies 20 year career...

here are some of the thoughts most prominent in my mind before i post the set list...

~ On a night like this was turned into an incredibly pretty piano ballad before a thumping bass line came in...
~ Kylie sang her little heard duet with the Pet Shop Boys In Denial kicking off an actually quite poignant gay husband trilogy of songs...
~ the NAKED male dancers in the shower at the start of red blooded woman ...
~Kylie in the moon singing Somewhere Over The Rainbow as it descended to the stage. I knew she was a moonchild at heart...
~ The Locomotion being the most brilliant song of the night when it was turned into a sleazy jazz romp that wouldn't have been out of place in Chicago....
~ My fave Kylie song Your Disco Needs You finishing off the show (pre encore) and it being so exuberant and joyous that i thought i would burst ...
~ A second encore where the audience sang the male part of Especially For You and the camera turning onto the audience so you can see yourself singing ...

Set List
Act One:ShowGirl ~ or Showgirl Kylie as i liked to call it
~Better the devil you know
~ In Your Eyes~ Giving You Up
~ On A Night Like This

Act Two:SmileyKylie ~ or Acid House Kylie as i liked to call it
~Shocked (with bits of Do You Dare inserted in!)
~ What Do I Have To Do
~ Spinning Around

Act Three:Denial ~ Or Gay Husband Kylie as i liked to call it
~In Denial
~ Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquois
~ Confide In Me(play these songs together at home and its like a mini musical. Was really brilliant )

Act Four:What Kylie Wants Kylie Gets ~ Or Gym Bunny Kylie as i liked to call it
~Red Blooded Woman (with bits of Where the Wild Roses grow inserted in!)
~ Slow
~ Please Stay

Act Five:Dreams ~ Or Moonchild Kylie as i liked to call it
~Somewhere Over The Rainbow
~ Come Into My World (ballad style)
~ Chocoloate
~ I believe in You
~ Dreams

Act Six:Kylesque ~ Or Downright Dirty and Lovin It Kylie as i liked to call it
~Hand On Your Heart
~ The Locomotion (she needs to record this song in this dirty jazzy style!) (mp3) (rightclick)
~ I Should Be So Lucky (brillo dance routine)
~ Your Disco Needs You

Encore1:Minx In Space ~ Or SpaceCamp Kylie as i liked to call it
~Put Yourself In My Place
~ Can't Get You Out Of My Head

Encore2:One of the Girls ~ or Casual Kylie as i liked to call it
~Especially For You
~ Love At First Sight

Her. Disco. Needs. Me.


  1. xolondon said...
    We love people who have kicked ass all over a health "demon" - don't we? Hmmm? Can't wait for her new music.
    Paul said...
    we do - being an ass kicking demon myself - i feel more in love with kylie than ever. Her disco needs me.

    (and bloody hell you were quick posting!!)
    Paul said...
    i think that should read demon ass kicker...

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