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b-sides the point?

reading this post today got me thinking that in this day and age of competitive downloading for new music, consumers now have the option of purchasing the main track being promoted by the artist and can ignore any b-sides and remixes should they so choose... but people doing this are missing out on some great quality material... and perhaps this is because artists realise that people do have more of a choice nowadays and gone is the time when you could bung an instrumental on the flip side of a 7" (check the history books kids...). So with that in mind, here are some great b-sides I have discovered recently by some of my fave new artists :)

MP3: Paolo Nutini - No No No

MP3: James Morrison - Is Anybody Home

MP3: Captain - Spring Park Hotel

MP3: The Pipettes - Magician Man

MP3: Lily Allen - Cheryl Tweedy

MP3: The Veronicas - a teardrop hitting the ground

thanks to those zapping readers who sent me these tracks. you know who you are!

And proof that you can't keep a good song down...last year The Faders released the epic single No Sleep Tonight which was a minor hit and has since featured in Veronica Mars, Grey's Anatomy and brillo movie She's The Man. Lead singer is now a solo artist and is releasing said track as her debut single. Hopefully it will be HUGE!! (you can also download a new Molly song at her myspace site...its very Lily Allen!)

MP3: Molly McQueen - No Sleep Tonight


  1. Samuel@HF! said...
    Have to say, that I am loving the solo rendition of 'No Sleep Tonight'. I have to say - I have been looking for it, so well done Paul.

    Also - would any lovely soul be able to put up a link for downloading the song off her Myspace - as my browser is going in an eternal bloody loop.

    Paul said...
    i;m gonna post that song tomorrow in my "look what lily allens caused!" post :)
    Samuel@HF! said...
    I look forward to it, and will wonder about what Lily Allen has infact caused.

    Hopefully it isn't too negative - because I might have slightly fallen in love with her. In a musical sense... plus, I get to see her in November!

    Though I guess, she has kind of caused me to look seriously at Myspace, and may even start up 'Myspace Mondays' on The Hotstuff Files.

    Oooh, argh etc.

    PS. You do know that the code is just slightly wrong, don't you? I think your 'a href' tags might not have been shut correctly or some such thing. Sorry, to be the bearer of bad news.
    xolondon said...
    Samuel is trying to say in the nicest way that your links are fucked! Anyway, great minds think alike b/c as I rode home on the train tonight I was planning my very own bsides post! Stay tuned...

    I am happy to see Magician Man here though. It is EPIC! My #2 fave song by them. I am also enraptured by the Captain b-side. That really IS a Prefab Sprout homage...
    Poster Girl said...
    I've just done some catching up, and that acoustic version of Justin's SexyBack might have actually pushed me over the edge into liking that song.

    I'd love to hear "Magician Man" and the James Morrison track, so I can continue making up my mind on James vs. Paolo :)
    bulldoggy said...
    Not to be a knowy-knowerson, but I purchased former Sneaker Pimp Kelli Ali's album Tigermouth about 3 years ago and while it didn't perform very well in stores (or my memory), the stand out track has always been track 2, none other than "Teardrop Hittin The Ground" (for any historical enthusiasts of song pedigrees...)
    bulldoggy said...
    hehe Molly's downloadable Myspace song...I listen to it, and all i can here is the Geico gecko
    xolondon said...
    Oh I forgot your parents read this blog and may see my F-bomb above! Sorreeee!
    Paul said...
    right! the links are now fixed :) Hopefully they should work!

    xo - my dad is no doubt used to the colourful expressions used on this blog ;)

    sidebar: there are a somewhat ridiculous 19 different minimal links on iTunes which is kinda ironic!
    xolondon said...
    The Telex remixes of Minimal are worth your time..

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