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"i worship the gash"

Before i start this post, can i just say in 7 years of Big Brother I have never seen anything more hilarious than Davina McCall's face when she saw a video of evicted (thank god) housemate Mikey saying "I can't wait to get out of here - i will worship the gash!" Quite rightly she was horrified...

Anyway... I am quite glad this week is over. Having recurring stomach problems (a little gift from when i was ill about 7 years ago now!) is never fun, but this week has been quite horrible, then darren found out he was being made redundant (his office is closing down) so we now have to work out what to do next... it was quite nice then to finish off the week celebrating ruthies birthday, even though i did still feel a little dodgy... (quote of the night at the restaurant by ruth "i'm going to have what i was going to have last time until Paul turned me on the fish!")

(darren with lou and ruths head - i am loving darrens shorter new hairstyle. RRRRR)

(this is me and our friend craig - again with part of ruths head!! Strange that ruths head is only partially in lots of these shots - usually she is so good with head, so i hear...)

(l to r back to front - our friend mark whose birthday it was yesterday also [and who is also currently loved up with craig - hurrah!] dazpants, me, ruthie and lou)

(and back to ours for absinthe shots that totally killed mark off so he went home dreadfully ill, poor lamb. We were joined by Lydia and Stuart at the back who will be Ruth and mines V Fest buddies. Screw you skanky ho Hilton!)

So I am still feeling a little delicate this morning so I thought I would post so rather chilled out music. Up first is a gorgeous track by Laura Michelle Kelly called Communication. I am sure i have posted this before somewhere, but this is a radio version as it comes out as a single in a couple of weeks...(also posted for comparison is the sublime original version by the cardigans. thanks to xo for pointing out this version!)

MP3: LMK - Communication (radio edit)

MP3: The Cardigans - Communication

Next up is a song that I have had for quite a while, but a new acoustic version has been made available at this link here. I think Darren Hayes writes the most gorgeous plainative introspective songs and its hard not to be moved by this simply lovely song...

MP3: Darren Hayes - Unloveable acoustic

Finally, is another song that I have had for a while. I first got to hear about this band through ArjanWrites - they are called Madison Park and have perfected the essential sound that goes with feeling more mellow. It's a somewhat ambient, somewhat chilled mixture of house and pop that just sounds so good when curled up on a beanbag reading in the sun or after a night out when you are making coffee for friends. I often pop this track on at those times and friends comment on how much they like it. Follow the link to arjan above to download I'm Listening (Piano Mix) and see what you've been missing out on...

And if anyone is in DC tonight, please pop along to this and let me know how it is... I am eager for the day they come and tour the gay clubs in the uk... :)


  1. xolondon said...
    Wow what a week! I am sorry you are still not feeling well! is it still really hot there? Today is the first day it has been okay here. Am sorry about Darren too - that is very stressful.

    I just cannot welcome LMK's version of that song, but maybe I should try again?
    Paul said...
    mercifully the weather is ok here now, in fact its quite cool...perhaps its because i heard LMK before i heard the cardigans that i like it so much??
    J'ason D'luv said...
    You just reminded me that I actually wrote about Madison Park's cover of "More Than This" over a year ago now. Geez, where does the time go....?

    So, so sorry to hear about Darren's job... but you know what? Stuff like that happens for a reason. Something amazing might be around the corner for him now, which he normally might have missed out on.

    Paul said...
    i am not sure how i only managed to be aware of madison park this very year??! but now i am liking them more and more. clearly the best husband wife team since sonny and cher... :)

    yeah, hopefully we are looking at some new opportunities for dazpanteloons to pursue some things he really wants to, which sadly though may mean selling our city centre crash pad :(
    ruth said...
    Love the pics and why did my head pop up so many times?!? Anyway hope you have a better week this week - keep smiling! I'll see you when I get back from camping -
    V here we come!!
    Poster Girl said...
    Much love for Darren Hayes--he's got a song for everything, happy exuberant moments and depressed moments--and whatever that song is, it's sure to be amazing.

    Looks like the party was fun, and glad to hear you're feeling better-ish.
    Paul said...
    yeah i was thinking that about dazpanteloons hayes last night actually... i am in an affirmation mood today :)

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