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there are always lots of good singles coming out aren't there. But sadly sometimes the artists get it wrong and bypass brilliant album tracks for - well, a bit of tat album filler really... So here is a round up of singles that are coming out and those that should be...


Dashboard Confessional are releasing Stolen as the second single from Dusk and Summer. According to Music Weekly they are targeting "womens magazines" to get a bigger following in this country. Cue lots of bored housewives swooning over Chris Carraba's overly tattoed body!

MP3: Stolen

Meatloaf has another Bat Out Of Hell up his sleeve and its probably going to be more of that crazy glorious rock opera he is so fond of. I can't help but like Meatie - you gotta admire a man who doesn't know the meaning of the word diet. The single Monster's Loose (what is the obsession with monsters lately - the automatic had monster, metric have monster hospital, I blame All*Stars things that go bump in the night - a brilliant obviously inspirational slice of pop!) is far too long for me to upload but check it out at the link below (BTW - i am v pleased that alienhits are back from their little sojourn abroad...)

MP3 Link: Monsters Loose

September are (is?) all over the music channels in blighty at the mo with the epic and brillopad tune Satellites. About time too - Infernal got their shot, all we need now is BWO to release Chariots of Fire here and the pop charts will be justified again. Anyway rather than post the actual single version, here is a rather gorgey acoustic version of said toon...

MP3: Satellites (acoustic)

Anna Nalick is finally getting around to releasing the quite lovely Breathe (2AM) which featured very heavily in the superbowl episode of one of my new fave shows Grey's Anatomy. This is one show that uses music to great effect, and hopefully this will launch Anna in the UK as her album In The Rough is a corker (thanks to Billy for introducing her to me last year - not literally, i mean her music, although he did meet her!)

MP3: Breathe (2am)


Goldfrapp covered The Ordinary Boys "Boys Will Be Boys" earlier in the year and it totally should be remixed and popped on their remix album that is coming out soon...and then hopefully we could Preston and co to have a crack at Strict Machine before the years out... :)

MP3: Boys Will Be Boys

I blogged about Duels earlier in the week when i bought their album on a whim - and now I absolutely love it. Their is no news of a single, but it seems they are leaning towards the highlight of the album Slow Build. It opens as a non-descriptive strum before morphing into a gem of gloriously heartfelt Ziggy style splendour. There is no way this can't be HUGE!

MP3: Slow Build

Mohair haven't had the success that i feel they deserve... and now they are releasing Everything I Want as their new single. Which is fine enough, but they are missing a trick by not releasing the marvelously cabaret-esque track Stranded as a single. Insanely catchy and hummable after one listen, it's a smashing slice of glam rock that just sounds magnificent live :)

MP3: Stranded (non album version)


While I am mortified that Ronan Keating is releasing Iris as his next single, its nothing compared to the chills of dread i felt down my spine upon hearing that Clay Aiken is releasing an album of covers?!?! Now I actually can tolerate his new single 1000 Ways (bye credibility!) but this is a bit too much. Still if you want to read about Clay in a positive light, you can click here and here. you girls wave your clay flags high ;)

Lily Allens busy slagging off someone again. This time it's Madonna...

People either love it or hate it... it's grown on me a lot and I am quite happy with Robbie's rudebox... but its even made the pages of the telegraph!! (thanks to xo for the link!)

Samuel has done a review of the leaked Christina Aguilera album Back To Basics... if i had downloaded it, i would probably say that i do quite like Candyman actually...

Yesterday I erroneously reported that Lucas Mire's new album was out later in the year! I was wrong!! Its out now. So you can click here to buy it from the fine folks at cdbaby. Or here for some more Lucas music if you need help making your mind up. Or here to read Lucas' blog :) (oh i just reread Lucas' blog entry and realised that James from Madison Park must read this too - i love their song I'm Listening and must post something about them soon!)

Finally, click here or here to see the frankly gay as christmas new scissor sisters vid!


  1. xolondon said...
    I didn't even notice you had the same title listed for Lucas (as the CD I have)! It's very nice- acousticy with wee flourishes of electronic.

    I am SOOOO late on my Madison Park post. They must hate me. I will put that in priority.

    Um yeah, I swear I had the SS video up BEFORE mr. PJ! :) BUT I got the link from their board. Full expsoure...I mean disclosure.

    Xtuna's CD is a bit of the ol meh. Some decent songs, but kind of a mish mash kitchen sink thing. CD 2 is supposed to be all 20s-40s and there is one song that is way Beatles ("Welcome" maybe? Can't recall).
    Paul said...
    i did order the lucas cd from cdbaby, so i will report more on that later... and i think my madison park post will be tomorrow...

    i love the scissters vid - ruth and i will be doing some moves from it later ;) i should have credited you for providing the remix too!

    there is too much sluttina for me to cope with right now so i will just whittle it down to my own 12 track cd...
    xolondon said...
    I don't mind if you take my sloppy seconds. (ewwww!)

    You and everyone on Xtuna Sluttina Agrippa Hestia
    J'ason D'luv said...
    I keep thinking you guys are saying "Sinitta".... Stop it!

    Gosh, that picture of Clay is giving me a case of the projectile vomits.
    Poster Girl said...
    Wow, you're blog is famous! Hopefully you get the fortune to go alone with the fame :)

    And woo-hoo for more Meat Loaf! Unfathomably, I can listen to his ten-minute-plus long tracks without getting bored, which is quite an accomplishment for someone who's normally a big adherent of the 3 min 30 sec pop song (not repeatedly, though).
    Poster Girl said...
    Oh my goodness, I really do know the difference between my homophones...your, not you're.
    freddy said...
    I'm so happy you posted a pic of my friend Lucas' CD! It's been great to see him get a lot of exposure...

    Also loving the new Dashboard... yes, Chris is rather yummy!
    Paul said...
    i'm so drunk its a wonder i can tipe striagiht
    Paul said...
    xo - i am ok with sloppy seconds as it is also the title to the sequel of eating out :)

    j'ason - i had to go and put on so macho after reading that comment and i hope you wiped your screen down after the clay vomit do you think the poor guy felt who did him???

    PPG - i will forgive you tiny lapse in grammar this once. Don't let it happen again ;) I think people can listen to meatloaf songs without getting too bored because it is like 3 songs in one!

    Freddy - good to see you :) Yes, any excuse to post pics of dash B.Con ;)
    Samuel@HF! said...
    Oh, I am so happy right now.

    On my day(s) off from blogging, I have finally got rounf to listening to those mp3s from yesterday. And Breathe.

    I have been so looking for this, and you have found it!! I remember to listening to this somewhere - loving it - and then forgetting to look for it.

    Brilliant, and kudos to you Paul :D
    Paul said...
    aw thanks samuel - are you talking about the anna nalick track or something else?
    Samuel@HF! said...
    Yeah, the Anna Natlick track for sure. 'Tis a great song to listen to!

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