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21 ~ Dashboard Confessional, Don't Wait
20 ~ Nelly Furtado, Maneater
19 ~ Laura Michelle Kelly, Communication (new entry)
18 ~ Nerina Pallot, Everybodys Going To War
17 ~ Keane, Crystal Ball
16 ~ James Morrison, You Give Me Something (new entry)
15 ~ The Upper Room, Portrait
14 ~ Mohair, Stranded
13 ~ Christina Aguilera, Ain't No Other Man
12 ~ Robbie Williams, Rudebox
11 ~ Jason Mraz, I'm Yours
10 ~ William Young, Ain't Such A Bad Place To Be
09 ~ The Feeling, Never Be Lonely
08 ~ The Pipettes, Pull Shapes
07 ~ Deborah Gibson, Say Goodbye
06 ~ Lily Allen, LDN
05 ~ Scissor Sisters, I Don't Feel Like Dancing
04 ~ Paolo Nutini, Last Request
03 ~ McFly, Don't Stop Me Now

02 ~ justin Timberlake, Sexy Back

01 ~ The Killers, When You Were Young (2 weeks)

coming soon: the MYOB/Light Years post i keep going on about...

the fall tv season...

your inspiration - i'm having a lack of ideas day! Either leave me an inspirational comment or email me an mp3 here :)


  1. J'ason D'luv said...
    I love how you continually refuse to acknowledge that "Say Goodbye" is actually Jordan Knight FEATURING Deborah Gibson.

    See, you're attempting to rewrite history here, by leaving out certain facts. That's what we Americans do, silly...

    That's why I felt I had to finally reveal the truth yesterday in my Jordan/Debz post. People have a right to know, Paul. Don't discount the Knightster....
    Paul said...
    there will come a time when i accept his involvement but i'm not quite ready just yet... (and i posted the link to your site on the deb fan forum!)
    J'ason D'luv said...
    Yes, I've noticed the folks coming over from there. I can't get onto the site without a password, though... did you write something mean :( ??
    Paul said...
    no - i wrote that a friend of mine really liked the song and had written about it and a lot of people read his site! Like i would write something rude or mean about you :(
    J'ason D'luv said...
    Just a joke.
    freddy said...
    great playlist paul! haven't heard the jason mraz track, but hear it's amazing.

    hope you had a good weekend!
    Poster Girl said...
    No inspiration for you, but the "Don't Stop Me Now" cover is amazing. I'm sure most big Queen fans probably disagree, but it's so fun and I love when they first reach the chorus (and I might just slightly love Danny's voice in the song ;) but legitimately, not for any other reasons).

    I really want to see the Killers' video for "When You Were Young," whenever it comes the song, and their videos always so distinctive and stylistic.
    Paul said...
    J'ason - i did tell them that you had a pink wearing pussy ;)

    Freddy - i think i posted it somewhere here before. Is so lovely... i'll try and find the link :)

    PPG - i love the mcfly song - they have done some fairly faithful covers over the years but this is by far my fave...

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