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I had a pretty good day at work - i lot of stuff i have been pushing for a few months all came together and got approved so i am chirpy chirpy and proud of myself. So enjoy a list of must music, fashion, people and art :)


Just when history was ready to write off Adam Duritz as an insufferable mope with a dodgy haircut yet a gift for creating memorable melodies, the Counting Crows frontman has been resurrected by a new generation of emo artists. Panic! At The Disco's Ryan Ross and The Fray's Isaac Slade have unabashaedly professed their man love for him. Thrice frequently cover the glorious Round Here in concert and one of the highlights of the new Dashboard Confessional album is a duet with Chris Carabba and the newly anointed godfather of emo on So Long So Long. Who knew?!

MP3: Dashboard Con/Adam Duritz - so long so long


American dancer and choreographer Stephen Petronic has continually wowed critics and audiences with his physical erotically charged dance pieces. he is back in the UK in October to present his latest collaboration with singer Rufus Wainwright, which is staged as part of this years Dance Umbrella. his Bud Suite is a series of songs he chose from Rufus' albums Want One and Want Two but Bloom is an original Rufus commissioned score. Both promise to be very sensual with a them of hope running throughout both. You can have yourself a deeply physical, virtuosic and erotic evening when the shows debut Oct 17th and 18th at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London :)


Did i tell you i love Wicked? And that it opens today in the West End? And that i will be there in just 9 days time? Well maybe i have gone on about it a bit. But did you know it features Adam Garcia who is rumoured to be one of the nicest showbiz blokes there is? He's been a west end sensation (Saturday Night Fever), a hollywood star (Coyote Ugly) and even warbled with Kylie on her audience with show, turning Better The Devil into a toe tapping swing number. Wicked will make his star burn brightly once more as he plays Fiyero - a hedonist, frivolous party animal (think male Paris Hilton) role. Adam - who gets his top off in an awful lot of previous stage roles keeps his shirt on for Wicked (boo!) and will hopefully now get full recognition for his triple threat of acting dancing and singing abilities. Garciamania starts here - you have been warned :)
MP3: Adam Garcia - Night Fever


Sometimes its hard to keep track of reinvention. When, for example, did FCUK become an awful representation of all it was meant to parody? Or maybe it was alwyas that way... some brands have more successful reinvention though - remember when Debenhams used to be the place for suet faced women squeezing into lycra leggings a size too small? Shudder at the memory! Now its home to the fab Tom Wolfe range of clothing and best of all, a new line of St George suits by Duffer. They are extraordinary quality, fitted on the spot with fabrics that feel super gorgeous next to the skin. The collection is all about sharp tailoring - blue pin stripes achieving the perfect width or a navy retro double breaster that looks like a modern interpretation of something out of Quadrophenia. And the shirts are sharp collared and intelligent in design. If you want to look good at work this autumn, then you really have no other option...


Somebody told me (that you had a boyfriend) once that it's absolutely impossible to hate any song that is under three minutes long. Which on reflection is probably why the pipettes cd is suc a delight... This is also good news for perenially on bring of success act The Bishops whose fab new single is called Higher Now. They proudly boast of bringing back the beat and refuse to write any third verses but it all works in their facour as this is a beautifully produced record and has a certain driving swagger - it's like the future never happened!

MP3: The Bishops - Higher Now
MP3: The Bishops - In The Night


Unlike say, one of B-Flo's candy coloured velvet jackets, tweed is relatively safe fabric for the average guy to embrace. However, you can't just snap up any old cut, you have to be discerning or you will look a right sherlock holmes and no one wants that... Lightweight tweed is key (try Italian design over British) and only wear one tweed item at a time. And most importantly, now is the time to buy. Yes you could technically wear lighter tweed all year round but thats not a great idea. Wearing tweed in the summer is a little like wearing seersuckers in the winter. You could do it but you'd look a little crazy....


Its not all about minor AC smash "Say Goodbye" with Jordan Knight you know - Deb has worked with a few other guys in the past on similar types of songs. Sadly she has never written any herself, which is probably why i prefer her solo work, but they are still worth the investigation if you like her current twofer... So marvel at her disney-esque warblings with Peabo Bryson or her Say Goodbye-lite duet with 90s wannabe Chris Cuevas... and then go buy her solo stuff instead :)

MP3: Deborah and Peabo - Light The World
MP3: Deborah and Chris - Someday


Purple is a great vibrant colour that has a bit of a harsh reputation in the wardrobe department. I suppose anything that is considered part of Prince's signature look should be handled with care. Luckily I have a good fashion eye so try a grape or blackberry coloured shirt (there's a nice one by Arrow at pvh) under a sober slate grey suit. If its chilly, Chandler it up a bit with a sweater vest from DKNY. And unless your last record went platinum, you may not get pants to match...


  1. PinkieDust said...
    Always go for the Italian clothes.
    xolondon said...
    There's pinkiedust again! La new kid on la block!

    Purple clothes me slit fizz or whatevah.
    Poster Girl said...
    I am infinitely excited because I may get to meet Gregory Maguire in a few months and see Wicked, though sadly not in London. Scissor Sisters, Wicked--you're going to see pretty much all the good shows around, aren't you?

    Good for the Bishops--not that there are no good long pop songs, but there's something to be said for capturing musical goodness in under three minutes--no messing about or time for pretensions, just straight to the fun!
    Paul said...
    I agree with pinkiedust - so many good quality clothes come from italy.

    xo - i am sure you would look a vision in purple!

    ppg - if you get to meet mr maguire i will be soooo jealous :( Say hello to him from me!
    PinkieDust said...
    I know XO, after reading and stealin' all the stuff from such blogs like this one i thought it was time to actually say thanks. And ta-dah...(!)

    I'm really digging the Sisley range at UCB this season. Not too chavrag, fag and or tourist slag. Plus its quite cheap too.
    J'ason D'luv said...
    Because Adam Garcia is indeed such a foxy fox, I can overlook the mention of Adam Duritz/Counting Crows.
    Paul said...
    why thankyou kind sir
    J'ason D'luv said...
    I may have forgotten to add, 'he says, tongue-in-cheek,' as usual in my previous comment, kind sir.

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