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as Dorothy once said, there's no place like home and as i trundled through the front door yesterday, it was nice to discover lots of things waiting for me. Hurrah!!

It was nice to see that Snow Patrol had reached the top ten with the lovely "as featured in the season finale of Grey's Anatomy" Chasing Cars. I am also really pleased that The Feeling's marvelous cd is storming back up the album charts and Never Be Lonely looks set to leap top ten (hopefully today). There are a couple of new versions of this track floating around now - the acoustic one is just lovely, and the demos show how their tracks have evolved into the perfect summer fare they are now. Fave new find of 2006. Period.

MP3: The Feeling - Never Be Lonely acoustic
MP3: The Feeling - Never Be Lonely original demo
MP3: The Feeling - This Time demo

The Scissor Sisters have announced their UK tour. While I was abroad with no access to phone or internet. By the power of Ruth, we are now going to see them on November 13th in Birmingham! All hail Ruth!! (PS - if i had listened to their album, which obviously is impossible, i would probably be saying that i utterly adore it - in particular I Can't Decide, Tell You Tonight and the Ana Matronic powered Kiss You Off. But of course, i will wait til Sept 18th like everyone else ;)

MP3: Scissor Sisters - I Don't Feel Like Dancing Teenage Bad Girl remix

I quite like musicals (less than two weeks til Wicked people!!) and one of my earliest memories is going on a family road trip with the Evita soundtrack playing in the car. Its back on the west end and is an utter smash hit again - thanks in large part to the magnificent Elena Roger bringing some Argentine authenticity to the role. She sounds just brilliant on the slutty Goodnight and Thankyou - a song equally as relevant for some of todays ho'ish popstars as it was for Madonna back in 96 :)

MP3: Elena Roger and Matt Rawle - Goodnight and Thankyou

Prison Break is back and as utterly ludicrous as ever. I haven't seen the second episode yet, but the first one was high octane action all the way. PS, felicity fans - check out What About Brian on ABC. Its like Felicity - the ten year reunion. I'm hooked already :)

More later dudes!!


  1. Poster Girl said...
    Yay for both musicals and the Feeling!

    The first time I clicked on the acoustic version of Never Be Lonely, the page came up a bright shade of yellow and I was going to compliment your matching of happy, bright color and happy, brilliant song, but now I think that was just some sort of glitch...

    Thanks to your blog, I was able to impress a friend going to see Wicked in London by knowing that Idina Menzel was in it--now she thinks I actually know things, hah
    Paul said...
    yes, sadly i am not clever enough to work out themed happy colours as you download - hence my blog looks so dull when it should have an exciting ZAPPING lightning bolt somewhere across the top but i don't know how to do it!
    Marty said...
    ooh ooh ooh...

    can you keep an eye stroke ear out for the live version featuring charlotte church from her show, i was rather drunk whn i watched it, but it seemed pretty damn pleasant.
    J'ason D'luv said...
    I just got my tickets to see The Feeling here up at The Key Club on Sunset Blvd. in two weeks! Yay!
    Paul said...
    marty - i didn't see the charlotte church show as i was still in spain, but i will check around for her "duet" with the feeling :) How exciting!

    and yay! you will d'luv the feeling mr j'ason... don't get too up close and personal with mr gillespie sells...

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