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Well, i mean honestly. It's date night again, so you pop off to the movies for the romantic six o clock showing of your chosen film. Then you sit through endless advertisements and rubbish previews. Then the film starts and it's bleedin' Saw III. So you spend half the film with your hands over your eyes trying not to heave and the other half listening to the guy behind endlessly (and wrongly) theorising about the possible twists. I'm just ashamed to say that the muffled scream in my head at the "brain" bit was actually quite vocal and loud. The shame. The mortification. The sheer humiliation. Still, i got to squeeze DazPlankton's hand so it's all good. Right, on with the post... back to the boys for a bit today, then maybe my lists of fave bands of all time, etc, etc. This is quite a long one so you may want to grab yourself some revels and a mars drink. Oh, just me that does that...

A few days ago, I wrote a feature on some new artists that i really liked and the lovely Mr. D was one of them. He then kindly left a comment on my myspace site saying he would be happy to contribute an interview. I have been wanting to get some people to do interviews for a while (and have two more lined up...) so Emo D! Here are ten questions we are zapping (it) to ya...
1. Thats a great pic of you with the headphones on. Are you comfortable doing photoshoots or would you rather let the music speak for itself?
A: I think the album cover is equally as important as the music itself, because for a true hands on artist, it shows another creative side to them. I had a vision that I wanted my cover to be simple, basic, but yet still exude an emotion that the audience can't help but feel and understand. Creating amazing music is my number one priority and love, but I see the pictures and artwork as the icing on the cake.
2. How does the musical process work for you? Do you get a hook in your head and build a song around that or do you directly look at your life experiences and write about those?
A: For me, it usually starts as a melody in my mind. I will start humming the tune on my tape recorder, then I start writing the parts with the piano. Once the melody is in place, the words usually fall into place. Everything I write about is something I have been through, because it's important for me to connect with the listeners, and by experiencing my songs, my emotions are all over it, and I think the audience can hear it.
3. A lot of your album seems intently personal. Were you at all worried about baring your soul like that? It creates a great intimate listening experience...
A: I think there is nothing better then hearing a song, and being able to define with it and allowing it to carry the listener to another place. Usually these songs are based on experiences and truths, so I feel it's important to really dig deep as an artist, and give the world your true emotions in a song.
4. So Amazing would make a great single - what would your video concept be for the song?
A: We have a few ideas, but I want to leave all that as a surprise. I am very visual, and my creativity has no limits, so I'll leave it at that for now.
5. You have some eclectic influences listed on your myspace site - from Donny Hathaway to the current hot producer Timbaland. Who out of todays current artists would you most like to collaborate with and why?
A: I have a great deal of artists I love and respect, but here are a few: I would love to work with Timbaland Robin Thicke Christina Aguilera Kelly Clarkson Dave Navarro Lynda Sayyah Jay Z Brian McKnight and so much more ...
6. Mystic Girl - particularly the remixes - are steeped in Eastern beats and an ethnic vibe. It seems so fresh and different from the usual music played on radio and works well. How important is it to let your cultural influences shine through in your songs?
A: Well, I love the Eastern sounds that I grew up with, because they gave me a HUGE playground of music to listen to, and I am so greatful to have had that opportunity. It will definately be something to look out for in future albums.
7. I notice that you have a live gig coming up on Nov 3rd in LA. What can people expect from the Emo D. live experience?
A: Hmmm, I would have to say, if you ever get to see a performance, you will NOT regret it!
8. You talk about the turmoil in Lebanon and Israel on your website - how can people help out with that and raise awareness?
A: Just hold positive thoughts in the region of Lebanon and Israel. If people want to help the kids in that region, and any other region around the world that needs help, check out Unicef or Red Cross. Those organzations are amazing, and they always need help, even if it's a small money contribution.
9. Just Believe has a great message about accepting people for who they are. Do you think we are close to living in a world without discrimination?
A: Yes, I actually do. Some people might call me crazy, but I feel something really good and positive is coming our way. I think people are tired of negativity and fighting. It will change soon!
10. Thank you so much for answering all these questions. Just one more - where do you think you will be at this point in 2007?
A: My goal is to have a successful lauching of the record, and start touring in Europe, the U.S., and Japan. I enjoy every moment I have living life to it's fullest. I'm excited to just even see what today is going to bring!
A huge thanks to Emo D. for answering all those questions :) I really appreciate it. Now be sure to check out his album and myspace site (which now has an ace new song posted) at the links below...
LINK: Emo Dagger's Myspace Site
LINK: Buy So This Is... Me
LINK: Unicef donations

Now Attitude (british gay mag) has slowly worked it's way up my favourite magazines list to where it currently stands behind the unmoveable Entertainment Weekly at number two. And the new issue is one of their best yet - and here are the reasons why:
~ it has the first post-reform interview with my fave 90s boyband Take That. I admit it - i slightly geeky over their return ;) There are some GORGEOUS individual shots inside the magazine... (and a timely reminder of what peerless pop songs they produced)
~ an interview and photo shoot with the boys from History Boys The Movie (+ a 5 star review!) Now someone better give the stunning touring cast some props...
~ a brilliant readers questions session with the crazy as ever Liza Minelli...
~ a feature on swedish pop (better late than never) including BWO, Robyn, Infernal and September...
~ a celebration of the pet shop boys...
LINK: Attitude's myspace site
MP3: Take That - Pray (live 2006)
MP3: Take That - Back For Good (live 2006)

Who doesn't love Nigel Harman? (the 'D' is silent ;) ) Well, DazPicky for one, but other than that, everyone! Since leaving EastEnders, the Harm has shimmied his ass down to the West End to play in Guys and Dolls (a production he is bringing to Birmingham in December! Yay!) Before that though, he's headed further north for a spot of Pinter at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield. Up until 11/11 he will be in The Caretaker - which combines comedy and tragedy with a dose of menacing psychological power games. ooh! Sounds smashing...
LINK: Purchase tickets for The Caretaker
LINK: Purchase tickets for Guys and Doll in Birmingham

Remember when we decided that Simon Curtis was a bit of a style icon? No? Well click here to remind yourselves... Now it seems that at LA fashion week, a few weeks ago, everyone was borrowing Simon's sense of style - including my favourite actor from my favourite show, McDreamy. Sigh. Still, i can't help but feel McDreamy (get together with Meredith already would ya!) hasn't quite got this look right - a little too scruffy and engineered for my liking :( Wait - revise that - actually, it's his hair that needs sorting!

Now t'other day, i mentioned that Nick over at Alienhits has put a very fashionably dressed band on his website, so I wanted to include the picture here for all you people who so wrongly didn't go over and check it out ;) That sweater is aMAZing! The band are called The Cinematics and you can check out their music and more fab fashion choices on their myspace page below...
LINK: The Cinematic's myspace page
MP3: The Cinematics - Break

Naturally, it's very right that there is some man'o'man action going down on ABC's hit show Brothers and Sisters. We love a bit of prime time liplocking...

...but it's oh so wrong that every morning while I eat my crunchy nut cornflakes and DazPunanni is munching his Alpen cereal bar, we watch OJ from the fun song factory mince about in his brightly coloured t-shirts, stylish combats and slightly sexy tool belt... le shame and mortlefication :(
LINK: Brothers and Sisters' website
LINK: The Fun Song Factory official website

Sigh. It's all going hideously wrong this year. When I laid my cards on the table about X-Factor 2006, I was all about the groups. Well except that boring r'n'b group. But i thought The Unconventionals had great potential a la G4, but they cocked it up and left in week one. Bugger. Then the boring r'n'b group left, so that's ok. But now, The Macdonald Bros are favourite to go this week? Boo, i say, boo! And that dull as Andy Abrahams dishwater hospital porter singer is favourite to win? That would be a bigger mistake than when Michelle McManus won...Let's face it, we lucked out with Will. G4 have become a solid albums act. Shayne could be huge if managed correctly. I really want a boy band to win this year, so I guess I will have to pin all my hopes on the don't-they-scrub-up-well-when-styled quartet of Eton Road. Don't let me down boys...(written before Saturday's show!)

LINK: Eton Road's myspace site
LINK: The Bitch Factor Blog
MP3: The MacDonald Bros - Three Times A Lady
MP3: Eton Road - My Girl

While we are on the subject of The X Factor, I heard a song today and thought, ooo sometimes I am in the mood for a bit of rock music to balance out all the pop. Then i discovered it was that bald bloke from last season on American Idol. Well bugger me! It's not too shabby - i thought it was Nickelback at first, which put me off a little bit, but then i figured it's nice to see something different come out of these reality talent shows, so good for him. So much better than that guy with the grey hair. Shudder...
LINK: Stream Daughtry's music
LINK: Chris Daughtry's myspace site
MP3: Daughtry - It's Not Over (radio rip)

Continuing on the reality pop theme, I am unashamed in my love for G4. I think they were great winners of the original X Factor (cos lets face it - stevie brookstein wasn't) - they were something different, had great talent and have managed to get a good solid touring and albums career going. Their third album is out just before Christmas and rather delightfully today, i booked tickets to see them doing a Christmas Carol Concert at Coventry Cathedral on Dec 21st. Which i am just super excited about... Plus I also got tickets for Kirsty and I to go and see Nigel Har(d)man in Guys and Dolls, History Boys tickets for the West End premiere and a couple of other things I can't mention because they are Christmas presents!! So once again I have spent far too much money and yet rewarded myself with a Caramel Hot Chocolate with whipped cream from Starbucks. Goodbye stunning physique ;)
It's been a few days since i let you know what is happening with the hopefully soon not to be so secret seven, so lets catch up with the guys...
SIMON CURTIS: As Simon himself would say - oy freaking vey! According to his latest blog, the album is oh so very nearly ready for release, except that he wants to put Put Your Makeup On it (YAY - great great tune), and he can't get the rights to do so from Xenomania (as it was their music for the Popjustice Song Writing Comp.) Now i don't understand all the ins and outs of the industry but boo you Xenomania! Still, as anyone who has read his bio knows, Simon is a very determined young man and this won't stop him.... which means we can look forward to the album being available very soon. YAY! I think Simon has a real likeability factor which is very important for me in a popstar (which is why i like MacDonald Bros in X Factor, G4, etc) - as important as the music and popstar hair! The Zapping wishes Simon the very best of luck with getting the album out there...
SWITCH22: The crazy superheroes of pop played at the legendary and fun Popshow night in London last week. Sadly I was unable to go - if anyone did go, please get in touch! Anyway over at the Popshow official website, you can vote for which was your favourite act of the night. Even if you weren't there, go and vote for the boys! They're here to save the charts!!
JEREMY: The up and coming young actor is showing off yet another side to his talents as his puts some of his poems on the web for your perusal. Plus there are some GREAT new pics on his myspace site...
CONOR: A while ago, Conor put a free download on his site of a great little track called Dangerous. You can check that out here...
We hope to have more news on our other favourite acts very soon :)
~ Download a free mp3 of Mika's song happy ending at the always reliable Arjanwrites site...
~ J'Ason and Moogs irreverently discuss my Robbie and Take That...
~ How can i not mention the latest post by sexy blogger Rob(o)pop ~ he references all things obscure but important: the original switch22 (Duke), Ruth Wallis, Six (loved them) and Ringside, as well as a little shout out to yours truly. Yay!
~ new Darin video for the poppy and almost Perfect over at SOS... Poppostergirl will be pleased...
Coming soon: My top 20 boybands of all time! My top 20 girl bands of all time! My top 20 pop groups of all time! My top ten female singers! Books! The popstars that charts forgot; Lois and Clark; Sandi Thom concert review; more new acts for your viewing pleasure; and cos reader Rose pointed out to me that there is a new Dark Crystal movie coming out, something on that and whatever else comes up in the meantime...
Disclaimer: This site is dedicated to getting quality pop music back into the charts. Any songs posted here are to encourage people to go out and buy the music from an online source or high street store. That's what the links are there for. If any artist or management want a link removed, please email me and i will do it straight away. We love the guys featured here and want them to succeed!


  1. Henry said...
    Thank god! haha I finally found a wa y to make a comment! i just need to paste the comment link to a new browser loL!
    anyhoo, Yes! I really like Chris' New Song! Im buying his cd when it comes out.
    Robpop said...
    Paul, thanks for the metnion. I saw your "bare-butlers" and remembered my experience. Thanks for the recall. It was great night out and seeing as it was the first job the firm had had they were more inclined to please...
    Robpop said...
    I love Mermaid/Beauty posts on your sister site.
    J'ason D'luv said...
    Thanks, Pablo... But I'd argue that we irreverently discussed RW and TT.
    HotstuffFiles said...
    Paul, face facts - Eton or Eton Road, whichever are never going to win X Factor. It will of course be the amzing Leona, who will put out an amazing pop-filled album!
    Poster Girl said...
    I second the boo at Xenomania...yes, yes, legalities, profits, and all that, but "Put Your Makeup On" is a great song and, more importantly, I want that album as soon as possible!

    So is Chris Daughtry just going by Daughtry now? Well, all the European male idol contestants seem to get to drop their last name, so it's about time a guy from American Idol got to drop some part of his name...I'm just not sure about "Daughtry"--sounds like it should be a band (maybe that's the point?). I guess just "Chris" wouldn't work too well, though.

    Awww at Darin's video and ooo at the end (that face-to-face?!). "Perfect" is such a good song and Darin is such a good popstar...sigh...I want him over here in the U.S. "Step Up" is like the pop version of Usher's "Yeah" but better (much better)--I have this dream of it launching him over hear, but I also have a feeling a big part of "Yeah"'s success came from the fact that Usher was doing it.

    Congrats on getting to do an interview--great questions!
    Paul said...
    wow - thanks for all the comments guys. i really do appreciate it that you take the time to give your opinions. Right - one at a time:)
    L'il Henry - glad you worked out how to post comments. It wouldn't be the same round here without you!

    Rob(o)pop - i want to hear more about how willing the butlers were to please! And glad you like the spinoff posts!

    D'Luv - edited and corrected :) Put it down to the cramps!

    PPG - thanks :) i'm not a pro at doing interviews so glad it came out ok. I think Daughtry is a band but am not sure. Am eager to get Makeup on Simon's album. It would be a great single...i really like the Darin video too and wish his success was more international...

    Samuel - i can live in dreamland can't i? Eton road could perform the ultimate christmas miracle and win! I mean, you thought Girls Aloud would be number one this week ;) And although Leona is good, lets face it she will tragically be given an album of sub par ballads to perform :( BOO!

    YAY to mcfly for their sixth number one...
    xolondon said...
    Not to be left out...

    Take That look good in that pic. Mark finally does not look like an old crone (he had been looking awful up until the new video).

    The History Boys cast is the same as the NYC stage show and the original in London, I think!

    Life is just too precious to spend with Chris Daughtry, sorreeeee! He is totally derivative!!!
    Paul said...
    xo - there may have been a lot of airbrushing going on in that pic, but yeah they do look great :)

    i think the history boys cast in the movie was the original west end cast and now broadway cast. however the new west end run starting in dec will be the touring cast that i saw earlier in the year! Phew!

    Thats ok about CD - you are far too busy spending your time with DSG ;)
    HotstuffFiles said...
    Dreamland? Maybe for one more show (you see what I am alluding to :D ) and in my view Girls Aloud don't have to become number one, the fact that they were beaten by McFly shows the fact that the record buying public are obviously tonedeath.
    Paul said...
    stop shattering my dreams Samuel! and don't get me wrong - i adore the girls and am desperately hoping that the greatest hits isn't a prelude to a split...

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