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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, isn't it? Which for some people will be a bit of a nightmare, considering it's not even Hallowe'en yet. For me, however, the longer the build up to Christmas, the better... I was gladdened to see the Christmas tree up in Borders, the festive drinks menu being prepared in Starbucks. T'is indeed the most wonderful time of the year :) Anyway, have been struggling over the past few days as to whether to take a job in London and move down there for a while, or take a really great position in Birmingham. I - for many reasons - ultimately went with Birmingham job. Not only was it the job I wanted to do most, but after the salon opening last night, i realised I would desperately miss my friends who have become my family over the years. So now the decision is made, I'm excited to start the new job (which is so much closer to home) in the new year (I may also be looking forward to the extra money!)...Anyway on with the post! I've been very focused on boys lately (and who can blame me) but it's time to give some props to the girls. Note to self. never say props...(and don't forget the opening of my friend Paul's salon in the post below!)

Sigh. No introduction needed to this little lassie. By all rights, considering the all round genius of her sophomore album "Come and Get It", Rachel Stevens should now be huge and teasing us with a taster from her third album. Sadly, despite the gays practically expostulating over her electro beats and catchy choruses, the record buying public decided she didn't deserve single figure chart placements and she dropped off the radar. Boo! Which is a real shame, because there were a lot of gems on her second album that weren't released including the should've-been-a-christmas05-single electroclashy Crazy Boys and the simply lovely Alexis Strum penned Nothing Good About This Goodbye. Below are a few of my favourite Rachel tracks and I have my fingers crossed, but hopes not raised for an equally brillo new album soon...
LINK: Buy Come and Get It
LINK: Rachel's myspace site
MP3: Cathy Dennis - Sweet Dreams My LA Ex (demo)
MP3: Rachel Stevens - Negotiate With Love Tom Neville Mix Edit
MP3: Rachel Stevens - Crazy Boys

Viva la return of Sophie Ellis Bextor-Feeling I say! And quite right that she should follow an artist helped out by Cathy Dennis for is the 90s popstrel were still recording music, she would be Sophie... Far too long has SEB been absent from the world of pop. Of course, she has an excuse as she was marrying handsome fellas from the Feeling and popping out an adorable little baby. But now, her music is destined to fill the charts all over again. Which is good really, considering the mess that was the promotion of her fab sophomore album Shoot From The Hip. The first two singles Mixed Up World and I Won't Change You were great choices, but then nothing? What about the delightfully poppy Another Day as third single, followed by the brash and infectious Making Music? And how about utilising some of those brilliant 80s covers as AA sides? Sheesh! Still, another chance is forthcoming with Dear Jimmy on the popjustice album and I found a lovely acoustic romp called Live It Up. Roll on better promotion for her third album...
LINK: Buy Shoot From The Hip
LINK: Buy the Popjustice compilation album
LINK: Sophie's myspace site
MP3: Sophie Ellis Bextor - Live It Up
MP3: Sophie Ellis Bextor - Physical
MP3: Sophie Ellis Bextor - Yes Sir, I Can Boogie

Oh dear. Am i happy that Girls Aloud are releasing a cover of I Think We're Alone Now for a Christmas single? Not particularly... do i think it's a good version? Not at the moment, no - but perhaps it will grow on me. I have never been a huge fan of the covers that the Girls have chosen - i happen to think they are better at choosing great thrashy original pop songs rather than trying to put their sound onto something well known. It's also hard to top the definitive cover version of it by Tiffany if you want a great modern band update you should look no further than The Click Five (don't leave me hanging Poppostergirl!). For a better dance update, check out Tiffany's recording or the Pascal version. Or a lovely languid Pipettes stamped version. Fortunately, Money is much better :) Hurrah for the Girls. Slutty pop rules...
LINK: Buy Girls Aloud - Greatest Hits
LINK: Buy Tiffany's Dust Off And Dance
MP3: Tiffany - I Think We''re Alone Now 05
MP3: Pascal - I Think We're Alone Now
MP3: The Pipettes - I Think We're Alone Now (thanks Zeon)
MP3: Girls Aloud - I Think We're Alone Now (thanks OC)

I'm not exactly sure what happened to Marion Raven - she did a perfectly pleasant Kelly Clarkson-esque debut album that flew under my radar somewhat. Then she pops up doing justice to the epic It's All Coming Back To Me Now duet with meaty of the loaf. And now, she's discovered sex and someone has royally pissed her off! Good grief! Her new EP (lazy girl) is a bunch of angry grrrl anthems that made Alanis all that money in 1995/6, mostly about how crap men are and how great sex is. I shouldn't really like it and on principle I don't. But secretly, I think it's all rather good...
LINK: Buy Marion Raven - Heads Will Roll
MP3: Marion Raven - Good For Sex

The main reason I love Idina Menzel is that she so brilliantly breathed life into the role of Elphaba in my favourite musical based on my favourite book - Wicked. First on broadway, and now for a limited period on the West End (for a reported £50k a week!). I think she has really distinctive face, and always comes across as utterly charming in interviews. Mix that with the fact that she recorded what can only be described as a power pop-rock anthem for the Desperate Housewives soundtrack (such a brillo third season it is having too...) and you are onto a winner. I will be returning to Idina to review her great album Still I Can't Be Still at some point, but for now enjoy!
LINK: Wicked - the musical UK website
LINK: Buy Desperate Housewives soundtrack
LINK: Idina's myspace site
MP3: Idina Menzel - Damsel In Distress

Ah, the indigo girls - i have been pleasantly entertained by them for ten years now (a result of my summers as a camp counsellor in NY). When I am in the right mood, I love their brand of harmonising, folky guitar, politi-pop. I often put on classics like Galileo and Closer To Fine and sing a long at the top of my voice. Their new album, Despite Our Differences, is no groundbreaker - they stick to the same formula that had Lilith Fair attendees enraptured, but they do it so well, why change? On said album, they have teamed up with Pink to record a great track that plays to the strength of both acts and is a smashing little gem that would be a great single - maybe as a double A flip to their other collab (the more sombre Dear Mr President) on Pink's I'm Not Dead opus...
LINK: Buy Pink's I'm Not Dead
LINK: Buy Indigo Girls' Despite Our Differences
MP3: Indigo Girls ft Pink - Rock n Roll Heaven's Gate
MP3: Pink ft Indigo Girls - Dear Mr President

Whenever I see Robyn, I think of Ella. Possibly cos Don't Stop The Pop have championed the little songstress so much. But i have never really checked her out. Robyn, not Ella! But the blogs are all abuzz with her lately, so maybe I should give her a bash (robyn, not ella!) Any ideas on where I should start?? And then while i was reading about Robyn yesterday and preparing my fashion post, i thought about what fun it would be to go shopping with a fashion icon like Miss Ella...and as this year is the 30th anniversary of The Flannels Group, what better place to nip round that their flagship Birmingham store. It has so many delights that it would whip (i'm pretty sure Ella would like whipping) Ella and Rob(o)pop into a sweaty gusset frenzy. I picked out some Prps light grey distressed wash denim jeans (£255), which will look great with a classic white Prada tee (£100! Honestly nip down H&M and get one much cheaper!!) under a cotton silk v neck with button detail by Placed by Gideon (£130). Aaah, i will soon be belle of the ball...
LINK: Don't Stop The Pop do Robyn
LINK: XO does Robyn
LINK: The Flannels Group (Happy 30th birthday!)
~ Yay! While not everyone likes pseudo-No Doubt wannabes Tina Turner and Bonnie Tyler are inextricably linked! You too will be as flabbergasted as I was when you check out Pinkie's blog...
~ is ABC becoming the gay channel of choice? First TR comes out (boo you Burke!) and now a bit of lip locking on the much better than expected Brothers and Sisters...Plus B&S actor Luke McFarlane is rumoured to be seeing TR Knight (Grey's Anatomy) in "real" life too! Yay!
~ Nick continues to awe and amaze me with his critically genius finds - i am currently loving The Cinematics who have a very well dressed and foxy lead singer. Honestly, if he is not on your favourites by now, you are dead to me :)
~ Dirty Lies has a pic of the Kevin Federline (see Jasmine from aladdin isn't the only one who married a street rat) cd, which just totally makes me want to gag. Or gag him to stop him spewing out this crap. Ew.
~ Yay! Someone called "minty" over at l'il henry's site (can you still not comment on here hen? Email me if not!) is feeling the christmas love too and posted the vid for Aly and Aj's christmas single. My bells are certainly a jingling now...
~ Double Yay! The lovely Maria formerly of secretly ace A*Teens has popped her new music video for oxygen here. How absolutely super of her!
Coming soon: Back to the boys probably tomorrow or even later tonight as stomach ache back! interview with rising star Emo D; 7 in 2007 update; My top 20 boybands of all time! My top 20 girl bands of all time! My top 20 pop groups of all time! My top ten female singers! Books! The popstars that charts forgot; Lois and Clark;and cos reader Rose pointed out to me that there is a new Dark Crystal movie coming out, something on that and whatever else comes up in the meantime...
Disclaimer: This site is dedicated to getting quality pop music back into the charts. Any songs posted here are to encourage people to go out and buy the music from an online source or high street store. That's what the links are there for. If any artist or management want a link removed, please email me and i will do it straight away. We love the guys featured here and want them to succeed!


  1. Poster Girl said...
    Ooo for girls--I don't know if it's because of wondering started over at this blog, but I've been listening to a lot of songs sung by women today. And ooo for a new file server thingey for the songs!

    I like the Marion Raven song, as well as the "I Think We're Alone Now" versions. What do want me to not leave you hanging about? Just chime in with my usual comment about how amazing the Click Five are? They are (even if they are going to appear in a made-for-TV, probably Disney movie with Christy Carlson Romano of Even Stevens "fame") brilliant--I love how Eric's voice gets all stratospheric at the end of "I Think We're Alone Now." Speaking of the Click Five, and Christmas, have you heard the Click Five's Christmas songs? I'm not hugely fond of the acoustic version of "Silent Night" but, though it's a bit messy and not excellent, "My Girlfriend" is pretty cute.

    Oh, and so as to not end on yet another discussion of Click Five or McFly, Come And Get It was great--I think my favorite song on it would have to be "Some Girls," though.
    xolondon said...
    I admit that I deplore all versions of "I Think..." - ick. I like that GA song Money well enough. I wish there had been one blistering ballad added.

    I HOPE that 2006 will be Robyn's year in the UK.

    AND my greatest wish for 2007 is that Rachel comes back with an amazing that sticks its thumb in the eye of stupid Popjustic post-ers who thgouht everything she did was EPIC until it didn't sell and then she was considered shit. I stand by my girl. Maybe La Strum can pen another track for her.
    Rose said...
    When I saw you mentioned my name a big smile came across my face lol.

    I love Rachel Stevens. It's a shame Crazy Boys wasn't released, it's my favourite song from her 2nd album. Thanks for the Sweet Dreams My LA Ex demo.

    Of all the versions of 'I Think We're Alone Now' that I've heard I think GA's is the best. It took a while for it to grow on me though. I like it but I hope it's not the xmas #1.

    Paul, I don't know if you've seen these but if not here's a couple pics from 'The Power of the Dark Crystal'.
    Dan Project 76 said...
    Oh how nice was the poofy smooch on Brothers And Sisters?

    I know what you mean about that show. On paper it sounds terrible yet I am loving it more every week.
    Paul said...
    right, one at a time people! PPG - i haven't heard the christmas songs of Click Five and would very much like to...i knew you would chime in with the brilliance of click five when i needed you to! You never leave me hanging ;)

    XO - i'm not overly fond of any of those versions myself but i do think click five and pipettes do a slightly more than ok job. That is so popjustice forum of people to give up on poor rachel. i tend to steer clear of that forum as it bugs me. Next month when beware of the dog tragically enters at no. 12, it will all be about how crap Jamelia is. Sheesh!

    Rose - i hadn't seen those pics! Thanks :) Crazy Boys was an excellent song - i mourn its non single status.

    Dan! Hurrah! Haven't heard from you in a while, although have been following your daily express bashing (yay for you) and torchwood loving (double yay!) on your site. I do enjoy Bro and Sis, but i think my fave new show has to be Heroes. Just amazing :)
    Nick said...
    Wow, you must not take one more breath before checking out Robyn (starting with her most recent self-titled offering, of course). You will love it 1000000000x!
    Paul said...
    nick! oh no! Now i have to go out - if i suffocate it will all be your fault!

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